Hugh Grant Net Worth: When Did Hugh Grant Start Making Headlines?

Hugh Grant amassed his fortune by winning our hearts. In the 1990s, the handsome British actor became Hollywood’s leading man. He rose to prominence as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand romantic leading men.

Grant continued to advance to the top despite scandals. The actor who starred in all those wonderful romantic comedies is moving on to a new chapter in his career. Therefore, it is imperative that we ascertain the current state of the British charmer’s wealth.

Discover all the details regarding Hugh Grant’s wealth that you’ve ever wanted to know!

Hugh Grant Net Worth

Hugh Grant’s net worth is $150 million. He’s a British actor and producer. He had a meteoric rise to fame in the ’90s and has maintained that status ever since. More than $3 billion has been made worldwide thus far by films starring Hugh Grant.

Known for his numerous film roles, he often plays the role of the hopeless romantic or the sleazy, yet gorgeous, jerk.

Financial successes in the Film Industry

Revenues for Grant also increased by the late 1990s, a sign of his financial success. His earnings for each picture increased from $100,000 in Four Weddings and a Funeral to $7–10 million by the late 1990s. Specifically, the 2002 picture Two Weeks Notice earned him $12.5 million. Even now, he commands a hefty sum of around $10 million for the main components.

Real estate investment was one way Grant diversified his portfolio beyond acting. Over the years, he amassed a large number of properties, including several mansions in the posh Chelsea neighborhood of London. He was able to amass such a substantial fortune through the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate.

When Did Hugh Grant Start Making Headlines?

With an appearance in the Oxford-financed film Privileged in the early 1980s, Hugh Grant began to establish himself as an actor. He worked as an assistant groundsman for Fulham Football Club, tutored, wrote and produced radio ads, and wrote comic routines for television shows to make ends meet during this period.

After performing at the 1985 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and touring the London pub circuit, his sketch comedy company, The Jockeys of Norfolk, became fairly successful.

Early in his career, Grant rose to prominence in two highly acclaimed historical dramas: 1987’s Maurice, directed by Merchant-Ivory, and 1993’s The Remains of the Day.

But his breakout part came in his debut film with Richard Curtis, the romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, which was a smash blockbuster in 1994. After winning a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for the rom-com, Grant went on to star in a string of hit romantic comedies in the ’90s and ’00s.

Are Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein Still Married?

Are Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein Still Married

Hugh Grant’s marriage to Swedish businesswoman and producer Anna Eberstein is still going strong. In 2018, Grant and Eberstein were married in a small ceremony held at London’s Chelsea Register Office.

They have been married for about five years, and their public relationship began in 2012, so they have been dating for about eleven years.

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