Fans Are Emotional As Selena Gomez Gives An Update On Her Health Status After Bipolar Diagnosis

Selena Gomez’s new documentary, My Mind & Me, is finally available to stream, and many fans are praising the star for being brave enough to talk about her struggles with bipolar disorder, lupus, body image issues, and dealing with her fame.

Gomez’s Latest Mental Health Updates & Rolling Stone Profile

The 30-year-old star of “Only Murders in the Building” was recently on the cover of Rolling Stone for an emotional interview in which she talked about the themes of her new documentary as well as recent updates on her mental health in the weeks leading up to the release of “My Mind & Me,” which can now be watched on Apple TV+ starting November 4, 2022.

In the interview, Gomez told the magazine that she was at first worried about how her fans would react to the personal documentary before it was set to come out. The new film, which was supposed to just follow her on her Revival tour, ended up showing how Gomez got over her 2019 diagnosis of bipolar disorder, her 2018 psychotic break, her 2017 kidney transplant because of her ongoing battle with lupus, a breakup with a boyfriend, and other hard things.

She said, “Because I have the platform I do, it’s kind of like I’m giving up a little bit of myself for a bigger reason.” “I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I almost didn’t publish this. God’s honest truth, I wasn’t sure I could do it a few weeks ago.” In the end, Gomez wanted her fans to get a close look at her personal life so that they could learn from it, especially if they have bipolar disorder. “I thought, ‘Okay, if I can do that for just one person, think of what it could do.'” I just kind of went for it in the end. I just said, ‘Yes.'”

Gomez also told the magazine that, even though she can now look back on her documentary with pride and gratitude, her message to her fans is not that she is fully cured. (She says that getting better is a long, sometimes hard process that doesn’t happen overnight.) She told Rolling Stone, “I’m not fine and just back to happy life.” The founder of Rare Beauty said that she worries that she won’t be able to carry children while on her current bipolar medications. The magazine said that she has done dialectical and cognitive behavioural therapy to try to “make bipolar my friend.”

Gomez also told her fans that she is focusing on a positive outlook and remembering how much she has grown as a person and performer because she knows her bipolar disorder won’t just go away. She told the publication, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the psychotic break, my lupus, and my diagnosis. It makes me sad to think about who I would be.”

Other Takeaways from My Mind & Me:

Gomez said she heard voices during her Revival tour in 2018, but her documentary shows that she didn’t know what was really going on at the time. Theresa, her assistant, said that the singer of “Lose You to Love Me” was “hearing all these voices, and they just kept getting louder and louder.” Gomez was finally taken to a place where he could get help for his psychosis.

The Cut says that Gomez doesn’t remember much from this time, but in the documentary, friends and family say she was almost unrecognisable and suffering from paranoia. Soon after, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Gomez told her fans at the end of the documentary that she still tries to remind herself to put herself first and take care of herself. She said, “When you’re having trouble with your mental health, the most important thing is to know what to do and recognise that.” She also said, “I’m not ashamed of it.”

Wholesome Fan Reactions

In the weeks since Gomez’s first My Mind & Me trailer came out (and in the hours since she finally got to see the documentary), fans have flooded her Instagram comment sections and made Twitter threads to praise her “strength,” “resilience,” and how much she “inspires” them.

One person wrote under her most recent Instagram post, “Your story has brought me to tears, I love you infinitely. I’ve been so deeply touched and overwhelmed by your raw feelings. It makes me feel so loved and cared for. It’s been a very tough year for me, and just watching your documentary makes me feel seen and not lonely. Thank you.”

Another person who felt the same way tweeted, “As a bipolar person the @selenagomez documentary really hits home and is also so inspiring. I love that she is opening up about this.. Bipolar disorder has such a bad reputation, and her film will help people see a different side of it.

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