Does Smiths Grocery Accept Apple Pay? (Complete Guide)

Smiths is a British multinational engineering company that started 170 years ago. It has more than 14,600 employees and does business in 50 countries worldwide. On the other hand, Apple Pay is one of the most popular and successful apps for making payments. Anyone can use this app to do business. NFC technology is what makes Apple a way to pay.

Apple Pay is accepted almost everywhere in the world. It is a way to pay without touching anything. Apple Pay works with all Apple products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. This article will tell us if Smiths take money or not.

Does Smiths Grocery Accept Apple pay?

Using Apple Pay to buy different things at supermarkets is fun and safe. Most stores accept Apple Pay as a way to pay, but you might be surprised to learn that Smiths still doesn’t accept Apple Pay after too many attempts by Apple’s management. I know it’s bad news for people who use Apple Pay, but we can do nothing because the Smith grocery store doesn’t allow it.

Does Smiths Grocery Accept Apple pay
Does Smiths Grocery Accept Apple pay

So many ideas have been put forward about it. But I will tell you why Apple Pay was turned down.

Well, Smiths is owned by Longer, which runs 12 brands in the US and some other countries. One of them is Smith. Now, Konger has decided to release its app for making payments so it can steal users’ information and use it to make more money.

So the only way smiths use to pay without touching anything is Konger Pay. This app can be downloaded by anyone and used at any Konger store, including Smiths. It is also a way to pay for things at Konger stores without touching a card reader.

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Do Smith’s gas stations accept Apple pay?

No, is the short and simple answer. Once it’s clear that Smith isn’t taking Apple Pay, it won’t matter if it’s a drug store, a grocery store, or a gas station. Smith’s owner runs it, and we know that Konger owns Smiths.

So Konger is the only way to pay without touching a card reader. At Konger’s store, you won’t be able to use any other contactless payment method.

Smiths Method of Payment:

Smiths doesn’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap to Pay, Android Pay, Afterpay, Samsung Pay, or any contactless payment method other than Konger Pay.

Smiths accept other payment forms, though, such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. The transactions can be done immediately using any of these cards.


Apple Pay is accepted everywhere because so many people want to use it, and people want to use it.

But some stores or supermarkets use their contactless or another payment method. It’s true for the Smiths. Konger is in charge of Smiths’ extensive customer base.

And Konge has released an app called Konger Pay, which can be used at all 12 Konge stores, including Smiths.

You can also use a VISA card, a master card, the Konger app, an American Express card, a Discover card, cash, or a check to make a transaction. Stay tuned to our website NogMagazine. You don’t need more updates.


Does Smiths accept payments that don’t need a card?

Smid doesn’t have a way to pay without touching a card reader. So, it doesn’t let any other kind of contactless payment work on its platform. Its software makes it easy to steal data from users and make more money for itself.