Creator And Stars of ‘The Crown’ Defend Show Over Claims of Insensitivity

The creator of “The Crown” has responded to criticisms of the upcoming new season by saying he has “enormous sympathy” for the new king, Charles III.

The fifth season of the hit drama will start on Netflix on November 9. It will be about the divorce of the then-Prince and Princess of Wales, who was played by Dominic West and Emma Debicki.

The show has been criticized for how it shows the royal family, even though it won the Emmy award for best drama series last year.

Now, the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, has given his thoughts to Variety. He said, “I think we all have to agree that the 1990s were a hard time for the royal family, and King Charles will almost certainly have some painful memories from that time.”

The Crown Defend
The Crown Defend

Netflix stands up for ‘The Crown’ after a former prime minister called Season 5’s scenes “a barrel-load of nonsense.”

“But that doesn’t mean that history won’t be kind to him or the monarchy when we look back. The show isn’t at all like that. I feel a lot of sympathy for a man in his situation, and for a family in their situation as well. People are sometimes more kind and understanding than we expect.”

West and Debicki have also defended the show’s creators, who they think handled the subject matter with care.

Debicki, who is replacing Emma Corrin in the role, told Variety, “Peter and the whole crew of this job do their best to handle everything with such sensitivity, truth, and complexity, just like actors do.”

“The amount of research, care, conversations, and dialogue that goes into something that, as a viewer, you probably would never notice, is just enormous. When I met Peter for the first time, I knew I was in a place where this was taken very seriously and with a lot of care. So that’s what I thought about the show.”

West, who takes over from Josh O’Connor, said that telling the story of a hard time was a “heavy, heavy responsibility” that “I think we all take pretty seriously.”

The comments from Morgan and his cast come just days after Netflix defended the show as a “fictional dramatization” after former British Prime Minister John Major called its portrayals of his time in office “damaging and malicious fiction” and “a barrel-load of nonsense.”

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