Get The Scoop on Corey Feldman’s Net Worth, Assets And Awards

Corey Feldman is a well-known, celebrated American who has accomplished a great deal in his profession. Corey has established himself as an actor, having appeared in a number of films.

As a musician, he has achieved great success, sharing the stage with legends like Michael Jackson. Corey Feldman began his acting career when he was a child and saw tremendous success by the time he was a teenager. However, his drug and alcohol abuse severely damaged his professional reputation. In addition, the process disrupted his bond with longtime pal Corey Haim.

It’s true that Corey and Michael Jackson were friends when they were teenagers, but they eventually drifted apart due to misunderstandings. Corey Feldman’s early film credits include classics like “Stand By Me,” “The Lost Boys,” “License to Drive,” etc. For details on Corey Feldman’s career, assets, and net worth, scroll down!

What Is Corey Feldman’s Net Worth?

Corey Feldman has a net worth of $1 million. He shot to fame in the ’80s thanks to his lead parts in a number of box office hits.

Feldman has been a frequent guest on reality shows. The Two Coreys, starring Feldman and Haim, premiered on A&E in 2007 and ran for two seasons. For both seasons, Feldman was in charge of the show’s administration.

Corey Feldman Net Worth
Corey Feldman’s Net Worth

He has also made appearances on “Dancing on Ice,” a British show, in 2012, and “Border Security: Canada’s Front Line,” a Canadian documentary, all produced by The AB (2012). He appeared on the fourth season of “Celebrity Wife Swap” with his then-girlfriend Courtney Ann Mitchell.

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How Much Property Does Corey Feldman Have?

House- Corey Feldman is an American actor, musician, and campaigner who has garnered widespread acclaim for his work. Corey is a real estate investor and the owner of several properties, including a home in Reseda, California, and an apartment building in Manhattan. Besides that, he hasn’t been too forthcoming with details.

Corey Feldman’s Net Worth

Cars Collection- A stunning automotive collection Corey Feldman has amassed over the years. Corey has two stunning vehicles at his disposal: a Ford and a Chevrolet Camaro GT. But he also has a Toyota and a Mitsubishi, among other vehicles. Corey had more, but he’s been selling off his stock.

Corey Feldman Career And Awards

Very early on in life, Corey Feldman embarked on a successful career. In 1976, when he was still a kid, he started his acting career and quickly rose to prominence. He used to be in a number of ads, including McDonald’s, back in the day. He has been in over a hundred different ads.

When he finally broke out into the mainstream, he got his own TV shows and film roles. His early works include the popular comedies The Bad News Bears, Cheers, Eight Is Enough, and many others. Nonetheless, Corey’s adolescence was a time of great growth and success for him.

His acting career has included roles in several fantastic TV series and movies. Corey is an accomplished musician who has released four albums and collaborated with Michael Jackson in his early years.

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