When is Boundless Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video? What is “the Show” Based on?

Boundless Season 2: The La Casa De Papel Professor, aka Money Heist—the Spanish Professor, not the Korean Professor—is back with another show. Honestly, you wouldn’t know it was the Professor at first glance!

The historical and action miniseries he stars in is called “Sin Limitas,” which translates to “Boundless,” and it also stars Rodrigo Santoro, who you probably won’t immediately remember as the actor who played Xerxes in the 300 Duology. These two performers are pretty well-known for their roles and are now in town for a different play.

What is “Boundless Season 2” Based on?

Boundless will dramatize the expedition of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and Spanish Juan Sebastián Elcano in the 16th century, who set out to round the globe to refute the prevalent idea that the Earth was flat. However, only eight sailors returned on the one surviving ship, the Nao Victoria, out of the 239 men and five ships started.

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The Victoria and Trinidad ships will be rebuilt, and the production will also use a copy of the Nao Victoria, the first ship to complete a circumnavigation. In addition to Pinewood Studios in the UK, other significant historical locations that will be used for filming in the summer of 2020 include the Dominican Republic, the Canaries, and the Basque Country.

Boundless Season 2
Boundless Season 2

Simon West, who has previously overseen the blockbusters Con Air and The Expendables 2, will serve as the series director. Head of Prime Video Content at Amazon Spain, Ricardo Cabornero, stated: “We are thrilled to be a part of a project of this scope that will use Amazon Prime Video to provide one of history’s most amazing trips to a large audiences all over the world. “The series, directed by renowned director Simon West, will count on all technical resources to be a production full of action and epic.”

Boundless Season 2 Story

Juan Sebastian Elcano and Ferdinand Magellan, the first two explorers to sail around the world in a ship, are the subjects of the book Boundless. The actual incident took place roughly 500 years ago.

Simon West of Con Air is in charge of directing the TV show and movie. Next year, shows and movies will be available on Amazon Prime Video. They will also be televised on television in Spain through RTVE.

The Boundless Theater Company is happy to announce that Boundless Exposed, a training and mentorship program for theatre designers of color who are just starting their careers, is accepting applications. Participants in this seven-week course will have the opportunity to collaborate with knowledgeable mentors to develop an installation-style design that can be applied to a quick project.

How Many Episodes Does Boundless Season 2 Have? 

The six episodes of the miniseries, which were supposed to premiere on June 17th, are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Spanish, English, and Hindi are the three languages in which episodes can be viewed. The programs last about 40 minutes each. After the Spanish television series Money Heist earned such positive reviews, Amazon dubbed this in English and Hindi.

Who is in the Cast of Boundless Season 2?

Although no cast members have been revealed yet, the show will probably cast only native Spanish speakers.

Boundless Season 2 Trailer

There isn’t yet an official season 2 trailer available. The announcement from Amazon Prime is still pending. The most recent advertisement/trailer to be released on social media and press releases is shown below:


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