Bill Hader And Ali Wong Relationship: Is Their Relationship Together?

Stand-up comedian Ali Wong and comedian Bill Hader had a brief romance last year, which lasted not too long. Now, surfacing reports claim that the two actors are back together. Keep reading to learn more details about the 44-year-old actor and 40-year-old actress.

Are Bill Hader And Ali Wong Back Together?

Hader and Wong dated for about two months last year before calling it quits. However, during an interview with Collider, the actor addressed his “girlfriend” and confirmed rumors that the two are back together. “My girlfriend and I were just figuring out that I haven’t had a vacation in 10 years,” he told the portal.

“I went with her to San Francisco, but that doesn’t really count. So, I’m going to have a vacation. I need to go into sponge mode, where I’m watching stuff and reading,” Hader told the portal.

And while people can speculate who the girlfriend he is talking about is, Hader’s representative has confirmed to Page Six that he and Wong are dating again.

Bill Hader And Ali Wong Relationship

According to reports, their two-month relationship was essentially a rebound after Wong divorced entrepreneur Justin Hakuta and Hader divorced actress Anna Kendrick. “Only a small circle of A-list comedians know and everyone was thrilled about it. [Their friends] helped them protect the relationship in light of Ali’s divorce,” a source told Page Six at the time of their brief romance.

According to another insider, the two were careful not to make their romance public. However, their relationship lasted only two months before they split up. “They’re just super busy with things,” she says, adding that “the split was certainly amicable.” “They’re definitely friends,” a source stated. Their breakup was also brief since they were already back together.

According to rumors, Hader and Wong were photographed in her hometown in January, indicating their romance revived quickly after their divorce last year.

Wong was recently featured in Netflix’s comic-drama miniseries Beef, while Hader now appears in season four of the black comedy criminal drama series Barry.