Audrina Patridge Net Worth: How Does She Spend Her Money?

Audrina Patridge Net Worth: Not a drill, this! The Hills will indeed be available on Netflix! On December 15, the show that had everyone hooked to their televisions in the 2000s will be available on the massive streaming service. That means Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Lo Bosworth, and Stephanie Pratt, our favorite former BFF group, will reunite with us again.

So prepare for stylish closet tears, love quarrels, and friendship fights. We’ve decided to reacquaint ourselves with the starring ladies before the show’s premiere. In 2022, what will Audrina Patridge be doing? And how much money does she have as of now? Discover more about this below.

Audrina Patridge Net Worth

An American actress, model, and television personality, Audrina Patridge, has a $5 million fortune. Even though Patridge is arguably best known for her role in the reality TV series “The Hills,” she later built on this early success by pursuing a variety of chances in the entertainment industry. Since then, she has appeared on reality TV shows like “Audrina” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Audrina has had appearances in movies like “Sorority Row,” “Into the Blue 2: The Reef,” “Honey 2,” and “Scary Movie 5” in addition to reality television. Patridge presided over the NBC travel program “1st Look” in 2015.

Audrina Patridge Early Life

In Los Angeles, Audrina Cathleen Patridge was born on May 9, 1985. She grew up with three younger siblings in a household with English, German, Italian, and Polish ancestry. Audrina was raised in Yorba Linda, California, as a young child.

Audrina Patridge Career

When Audrina was chosen for “The Hills” in 2006, her career in showbiz officially began. Although it was only intended to be a direct spin-off of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” this show soon gained enormous popularity and a sizable following. Whitney Port and Heidi Montag, two of the show’s original cast members, joined Patridge in the ensemble.

Audrina Patridge Net Worth
Audrina Patridge Net Worth

There were many highs and lows in the first season, and Montag and Patridge ultimately broke up. Audrina and Lo Bosworth shared a room throughout the series, and Audrina later explored a relationship with Justin Brescia. Patridge announced quitting “The Hills” to join her program in 2009. She put her program on hold when she decided to appear in the sixth and last season of “The Hills.”

Audrina looked into numerous acting chances during this time. “Into the Blue 2: The Reef,” a straight-to-DVD movie, featured her in her first significant acting role. She also started appearing on Mad TV and “Do Not Disturb.” Patridge stated that the nude photos of her that appeared online around this time were taken when she had just graduated from high school.

Audrina continued her acting career in 2008’s “Sorority Row,” a horror film. Then came several adverts. She first appeared in a PETA commercial urging viewers to adopt rather than buy pets. She then promptly made several amusing Carl’s Jr. commercial appearances from 2009 through 2012. A vegan group is PETA, whereas Carl’s Jr. is essentially the antithesis of that.

Patridge returned to reality television in 2010 with “Dancing with the Stars.” Tony Dovolani was her partner. Despite performing some interesting Cha-Cha-Cha and Quickstep dances, they came in eighth overall. She was named one of the s*exiest ladies living during this time by numerous surveys and newspapers.

She premiered her reality show in 2010 for the first time (the one she had put on hold to appear in the final season of “The Hills”). “Audrina” was the program’s name and debuted in 2011. Patridge was regrettably canceled after only one season. With films like “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Scary Movie 5,” a few more appearances followed.

These cameos, however, were very brief, and her “Scary Movie 5” segment was deleted entirely from the movie before it hit theatres. Patridge presided over “1st Look” on NBC in 2014 and 2015. It was announced that “The Hills” would be getting a relaunch at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. The 2019 season of “The Hills: New Beginnings” was later revealed, with Audrina reportedly joining the show.

Audrina has made appearances in various other productions in addition to these. She has been on programs including “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “Cupcake Wars,” and she once played herself on “Family Guy.” She had an appearance in “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” in 2016 and “Celebrity Mom: Audrina Patridge” in 2017, both of which she portrayed herself. She made several self-serving appearances in 2020 on programs like “Very Cavallari” and “Celebrity Family Feud.”

Audrina Patridge Relationships

A well-known dirt bike and BMX rider named Corey Bohan and Audrina began dating in 2008. The two got engaged in 2015 after Bohan proposed. They had their first child in 2016, which was a happy occasion. Patridge filed for divorce five months later. In the midst of this, she also requested a restraining order against her ex-husband, and the divorce was finalized in 2018.

As part of the divorce deal, Audrina reportedly agreed to pay Bohan $35,000. This agreement was purportedly made to get Bohan to leave Patridge’s house in Orange County. Along with their kid, Audrina was granted full custody of the family dog. Corey returned to the family home to change the locks, steal jewelry, and take the couple’s wedding rings, proving that the divorce was certainly pretty ugly.

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