Are Whitney And Lenny Dating? Know About the Current Relationship Status of the ‘MBFFL’ Star

Whitney Thore’s fans have seen the tumultuous love life of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star over the years. When season 9 of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s” ended, fans were convinced that Whitney may be receiving the love she deserves this time. The TLC series documented the process of her going to meet her French lover whom she only interacted through a language exchange app. After finding interest in each other, they started their long-distance relationship. But with season 10 ready to make its return on the screens, fans are interested to know updates about her love life and how she is doing. So, are Whitney and Lennie Alehat dating again? The latest news about their relationship is just the tea you want to have. Also, Read Who Is Briana Dejesus Dating? 

Are Whitney Thore And Lennie Alehat Dating Again?

Many fans are still trying to find out the true relationship status of the ‘No BS Active’ owner. As a matter of fact, a lot of fans are just sure that Whitney and Lennie are no longer romantically involved. Even in ‘MBFFL Season 8’, the fans saw how ex Lennie ends up at her doorstep confessing about having love for her. So, this led a couple of fans to wonder about the current status of the duo’s relationship. 

Are Whitney And Lenny Dating
Are Whitney And Lenny Dating

Amidst all of these questions, Whitney and Lennie remained silent for the majority of the time. But on 29th September 2022, Whit wished Lennie on his birthday through an Instagram post, and guess what, the caption said it all.

She captioned a video,  “Happy birthday to the most ex-cellent, ex-traordinary, and ex-ceptional ex-boyfriend there ever was”.”I could give a million ex-amples of all the ways I love you. The list is ex-tensive, but here are my top 3.” “Our relationship has been a lovely ex-perience that I ex-pect will continue. Happy birthday.”

Saw the emphasis she had put on the word ‘ex’. Well, that’s your answer to the queries that you had all this while.

With such clear indications, it is safe to say that they are now an ex-couple and of course, they are still friends. Moreover, Whitney has also removed any sort of proof that might hint at any possibility of their relationship. Though there are certain photos of the ex-couple together, those are mainly of the good times. In one photo with Whitney’s brother Hunter, Lennie, and the star herself, whereas in another one, the former couple was seen in an 80s-inspired look that they had during filming for ‘MBFFL’.

In fact, during the season 10 premiere, Whitney even stated that she and Lennie are just in a platonic relationship.

While talking to the producers she said, “I just really want to clear up, though. Like, our relationship is not even weird. It’s not even inappropriate,” “Of course, luckily my boyfriend is very not jealous and very not worried about you at all. I showed him a picture of you and he was like, ‘Oh, never mind. I’m fine.'”

As a matter of fact, she is still dating her mysterious French boyfriend. The former couple even took a trip together with Whit’s brother, Jessica, Isaiah, and Lennie as well. They were on a vacation full of adventure and in episode 11 of season 10, fans saw that Lennie and Whitney ended up waking up after sharing the same bed for the night. So, maybe things are cooking up between them yet again.

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A lot of secrets are yet to come out and the true nature of Whitney and Lennie’s relationship is definitely one of them.

Why Did Whitney And Lennie Break up?

We all have seen Lennie since the beginning of Season 2 of ‘MBBFL’. He became a regular on the show and in Season 3, Episode 9, the ex-couple broke up. It all happened because they assumed that their relationship was going too fast.

Even before Whitney said anything to Lennie, she said to the camera, “I realized maybe I have needs that he can’t meet or doesn’t want to meet,” “I need a relationship where I feel like I’m not asking the other person to change.”

So, that was the only reason given by Whitney. The duo was actually a strong pair and did have a great time together. And maybe that’s why they are still on such good terms. Fans still hope for them to get back and reunite to see the true potential of their love. And after the latest episode of ‘MBFFL’, that reality may just come true. So, keep watching ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TCL to catch up with all the gossip.

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