Apple Releases iOS 16.2 Beta 2

Apple Is Planning To Releases iOS 16.2 Beta 2 To Developers

Apple is expected to release iOS 16.2 next month. It will have a number of new features, such as the new Freeform collaboration app, changes to Live Activities, and a few Lock Screen widgets. However, a much bigger change may also be in the works. 9to5Mac noticed that Apple is working on a new Custom Accessibility Mode, which could come out in iOS 16.2.

Screenshots posted by the site show that the new interface is a “streamlined iPhone experience” with features that can be changed, such as large text and controls and a home screen layout that uses either words or icons. The new mode, called “ClarityUI” by 9to5Mac, has options for “apps available on the Home Screen, allowed contacts, and access to hardware buttons,” among other things.

In September, Apple released iOS 16, and in October, it released iPadOS 16. But even though Apple’s website talks about hundreds of new features, many of which are already out, Custom Accessibility Mode is not one of them.

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The Dynamic Island gets a small but important change in the latest iOS 16.2 Beta

Dynamic Island might be the best new feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max this year. The notch-replacing shape-changing multitasking notification panel will reportedly be on all four iPhone 15 models next year. The fact that Apple was able to make something exciting out of the controversial notch is a real feather in its cap.

Apple Releases iOS 16.2 Beta 2
Apple Releases iOS 16.2 Beta 2

9to5Google says that in the latest iOS 16.2 Beta, Apple has made a small change to Dynamic Island. In older versions of iOS 16, the width of the Dynamic Island meant that the iPhone 14 Pro status bar could only show two icons. These were either the Wi-Fi logo or the bars that showed how strong the cellular signal was. The battery icon showed how much battery life was left.

When the iOS 16.2 Beta is installed and music is playing on an iPhone, Dynamic Island narrows so that all three icons can be seen at the same time in the status bar. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is for people who see one of the icons on their phone’s status bar disappear and think there is a problem with connectivity. That’s because the size of Dynamic Island doesn’t always make it clear that the missing icon is because of its size.

In iOS 16.2 Beta, three icons can fit on the status bar of the iPhone 14 Pro, which has a Dynamic Island that is narrower. Credit: Image by 9to5Google

Keep in mind that this isn’t a problem for the iPhone 14 Pro Max because its 6.7-inch screen is bigger than the iPhone 14 Pro’s 6.1-inch screen. Even before the change, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s bigger screen let it show all three icons in the status bar at the same time.

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that Apple won’t release iOS 16.2 until the middle of December. But if you click on this link and join the iOS 16 Beta program, you can get this new and better version of Dynamic Island on your iPhone 14 Pro right away. After going to the Apple Beta Software Program site, tap on iOS 16, enter your Apple ID and password and then follow the instructions.

Just make sure to back up your data first, because if you want to leave the beta program before the stable version of iOS 16.2 is released, you will have to wipe your phone’s data.

And people who use Android don’t have to miss out. This writer has used the dynamic spot app on a Pixel 6 Pro and while it is not exactly the Dynamic Island, it is as close as one could hope for. And the app developer is always making small changes that make it better. Here in the Google Play Store is where you can find the app. You can even reply to texts from the app’s notifications with the dynamic sport.

Check out the dynamic spot if you’re an Android user who wants your own Dynamic Island. Add this page to your bookmark for more updates,

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