Shocking Heist: $9,000 Stolen from Southeast Memphis Store

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police in Memphis are looking for those responsible for the robbery of a store in the city’s Southeast neighborhood.

According to the sources, Three people broke into a business on the 7700 block of Winchester on February 15. This is when Memphis police were called. Police said that around 4:30 a.m., surveillance video showed a grey Infiniti SUV backing into a parking spot.

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Police said that when the three suspects got out of the car, they went into the business and stole lottery tickets, cash, and different kinds of tobacco, like Newport cigarettes and Swisher Sweet cigars.

About $9,000 was said to be the store’s loss.

The MPD gave the following pictures of the suspects and their cars. MPD said that the driver of the car is also a suspect, but they couldn’t describe him or her yet.

$9,000 Stolen from Southeast Memphis Store
$9,000 Stolen from Southeast Memphis Store

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