Truck Driver Apprehended In Tragic Oregon Freeway Accident With 7 Fatalities

The semi-truck driver who crashed with a passenger van on Interstate 5 in western Oregon, ki!!ing seven people were detained Friday on suspicion of manslaughter, DUI, and other crimes.

According to officials, eleven passengers were in the vehicle when it was hit. Six persons died at the scene. One died after being taken to a hospital, and four were injured.

Lincoln Clayton Smith, 52, of North Highlands, California, was detained on charges of DUI, reckless driving, manslaughter, and assault.

Smith was detained at the Marion County Jail. He hadn’t yet appeared in court, and it wasn’t apparent if he had an attorney.

The incident on Thursday afternoon near Albany, in an agricultural area of the Willamette Valley, involved two semi-trucks and a van.

Truck Driver Apprehended In Tragic Oregon Freeway Accident With 7 Fatalities

The vehicle left the northbound lanes of I-5 and collided with a parked van on the wayside. After that, the van was forced against the back of another truck parked in front.

The northbound lanes of I-5 were stopped for several hours while specialists investigated but reopened Thursday night.

After the incident, bodies were discovered wrapped in plastic in a neighboring field. Police and fire authorities draped a blue tarp over the crushed van and a barrier near one of the vehicles to obscure the view of the scene.

one patient was flown to a Salem-area hospital by one of Life Flight Network’s emergency medical helicopters.

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Witness According to Adrian Gonzalez of the Salem Statesman Journal, the force of the hit wrecked the van.

“Judging by the damage, it looked like the van was sandwiched,” he stated. “It got hit very hard.”

The incident is one of Oregon’s deadliest in recent years.

In August 2018, a head-on collision on a lonely road in Harney County, eastern Oregon, ki!!ed a family of seven, including five young children. In total, eight persons were ki!!ed.

In December 2012, nine people were ki!!ed when a tour bus careened down an icy Interstate 84 and crashed through a railing, plummeting hundreds of feet down a steep slope. The bus was carrying about 40 people when it crashed near Pendleton in Deadman Pass.

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Another crash on I-5 near Albany 1988 ki!!ed seven people and injured 37 more. Two infants were among those ki!!ed in the 23-car wreck.

Albany is located between Salem and Eugene, about 70 miles (113 kilometers) south of Portland. I-5 is the principal north-south interstate highway on the West Coast.

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