Drew Barrymore Reveals Steven Spielberg’s Role As Her Exclusive Parental Figure

Drew Barrymore first met filmmaker Steven Spielberg when she was six, at a casting for 1982’s blockbuster hit “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” She had no idea that the audition would not only lead to her breakthrough role as an actor but also to a long-lasting friendship with Spielberg.

In a June 5 interview with Vulture, the 48-year-old actor stated that Spielberg was “the only person in my life to this day who has ever been a parental figure.”

Barrymore, who has spoken openly about growing up with uninvolved and violent parents, reportedly wanted Spielberg to play her father while working, but he declined.

So she requested him to be her godfather, and he agreed. Spielberg allegedly went out of his way to keep the realities of a film set hidden from Barrymore after she discovered men manipulating the alien behind a wall and requested him to kick them out.

“I didn’t want to burst the bubble,” said Spielberg. “So I simply said, ‘It’s okay, E.T. is so special,'” she explained has eight helpers.

Drew Barrymore Reveals Steven Spielberg's Role As Her Exclusive Parental Figure

“I am the director, and I have only one.” Barrymore would next eat lunch with E.T. and reveal her secrets, and Spielberg would make sure that assistants were present so the extraterrestrial could react to Barrymore.

Barrymore told Vulture that she spent weekends with the director and that he took her to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. He also sent her a cat named Gertie as a gift.

Barrymore was raised by her mother, Ildiko Jaid Barrymore, who treated her like a friend and customer rather than a daughter. She claims her father, John Drew Barrymore, was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned her mother when she was a child.

Barrymore was 14 when she was emancipated from her parents, and she claims she and her mother have never really reconciled. “All their moms are gone, and my mom isn’t,” Barrymore stated, referring to Jennette McCurdy and Brooke Shields’ failed ties with their own mothers.

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“And I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t have that luxury,” she continued. But I simply cannot wait. I don’t want to be in a position where I wish someone would go sooner than they should for me to progress. I genuinely want her to be happy, thrive, and be healthy. But I have to f*cking grow regardless of her presence in this world.”

Barrymore immediately regretted wishing her mother bad will after saying such remarks. “I dared to say it, and I didn’t feel good,” she admitted to the publication.

“I am concerned. I’ll never be unconcerned. I’m not sure I’ve ever known how to properly guard, close off, not feel, and build a wall.”

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Barrymore texted her mother for her birthday a few weeks after the interview. Five days later, the actor published a blog entry that partly stated, “My mother is still here.”

And I worry every day that anything in my research will offend her. Because it is not what I desire. And I’ve been terrified of going on my excursion without consequence,” she stated.

“Once again, as I poured out my worries to my friend Dr. Aliza Pressman, she said, ‘Well, you don’t have the luxury of waiting, you have two young girls.’ With that came a gift and peace.” It’s not only about my mother. It’s all about my daughters.

It’s all about me. It’s about learning how to be a mother.” Barrymore and ex-husband Will Kopelman have two daughters, Olive and Frankie.

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