In 2024, The Democratic National Convention Will Be Held In Chicago

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago in 2024, the DNC confirmed on Tuesday. The convention is set to take place from August 19 to 22.

In a statement, the Democratic National Committee said Chicago had been chosen because it represents a “wide range of midwestern Democrats who represent the party’s diversity, demonstrating the formidable coalition that will help re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris, and elect Democrats up-and-down the ticket.”

Mr. Biden has not formally announced if he is running for reelection in 2024, but he told NBC News on Monday, “I plan on running, but we’re not prepared to announce it yet.”

Republicans have already chosen Milwaukee to host the Republican National Convention in 2024.

Although the Midwest was once a vital swing zone for both parties, it has recently shifted to the right. Former President Barack Obama won Ohio twice, while former President Donald Trump won it by approximately 8 points in both 2016 and 2020.

Democratic National Convention Will Be Held In Chicago

Trump also carried Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016, but those states significantly switched for Mr. Biden in 2020.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois said in a statement that the Midwest is “key to a victory in 2024, and there is no city better positioned to reach those voters than Chicago.”

Chicago was selected above other contenders such as Atlanta and New York. The pick of a solidly blue city in a safe blue state marks a change from previous preferences held in blue cities in swing states, such as Philadelphia in 2016; Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2012, and Denver in 2008.

The Democrats’ 2020 convention was set to be held in Milwaukee, but it ended up being completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last Democratic National Convention in Chicago occurred in 1996 when President Bill Clinton was nominated for a second term. It was the first time the Democrats conducted their nominating convention there since the violent 1968 convention when police cracked down on demonstrations outside as Vice President Hubert Humphrey was proclaimed Democratic nominee.

According to CBS Chicago, local state and political officials have been urging the DNC to hold the convention in Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot told the station in July that the convention might bring in up to $200 million for the local economy and 50,000 visitors over the convention week.

And, according to CBS Chicago, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, “hosting the DNC in Chicago in 2024 will bring thousands of labor-friendly jobs to our city and state.”

Chicago has a long history as a solidly Democratic city and will be the site of the Obama Presidential Center, which is currently under construction and slated to open in 2025 on the city’s South Side. Obama, who lived in Chicago and represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate before becoming president, said he wanted the center to help transform the city’s often-neglected South Side into a tourist destination.

“Chicago is where I found the purpose that I had been seeking,” Obama said at the 2021 groundbreaking.

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