How To Buy Diamonds In Mobile Legend Using GCash?

Mobile Legends, also known as ML or MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), is one of the newer multiplayer games for mobile devices. It is an online battleground where two teams fight against each other. It is a classic battle game in which two teams try to topple the other team’s king and take control of their towers while protecting their own.

In ML, diamonds are a very important part of getting to the next level in a fight.

How To Buy Diamonds In Mobile Legend Using GCash?

Players can use diamonds to buy things in the game that will help them play better and win more often. Diamonds are the in-game currency that players can use to buy things like emotes, skins, weapons, their favorite heroes, and more. In addition to daily rewards and game points, diamonds can also be used as a quick way to buy things.

How To Buy Diamonds In Mobile Legend Using GCash
How To Buy Diamonds In Mobile Legend Using GCash

If you don’t want to wait so long for diamonds, you can buy them quickly with real money. You can buy diamonds for your account with GCash. These diamonds will show up right away in your official Mobile Legends account. You can then use them wisely to buy yourself different game stuff. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Start the GCash app on your phone or open its software on your computer.
  • Click on View GCash services
  • Click on Shop Lifestyle under Lifestyle and Shopping.
  • Enter your Phone Number

(Make sure you give your active phone number because you’ll get a PIN to move forward.)

  • Go to the Games Credits section and choose the package you want to buy.
  • After making a choice, click “Next,” and now it’s time to pay for what you’ve bought.
  • To continue with the transaction, click the Pay button.
  • Follow the next instructions to finish the deal.

You will get an SMS with instructions on how to trade in your coins and diamonds.

GCash can also be used to buy diamonds on Codashop. Follow the steps below after you’ve been to the Codashop website:

  • Once you have opened the website on your browser
  • Provide your User ID
  • Enter your email address to get a copy of your purchase receipt.
  • To buy, click on “Buy” and follow the instructions.

When you buy diamonds, they will go straight into your account.

Codashop will help you tell the difference between the different packages and choose the one with the best deal.

You can get diamonds in a few other ways that don’t cost money. It’s very hard to get these diamonds, but you can try:

  • Watching Streams

The Mobile Legends streaming community has a big following, so many people talk to the streamers every day. In exchange, streamers give away skins and other things to certain audiences. So, if you want to watch Mobile Legend live streams, you have a chance to win prizes worth some diamonds.

  • Tournaments

Different tournaments are held by the in-game community. If you are a pro player and think you can beat the other players, you should join the tournament. It will help you get diamonds and prizes.

  • Lucky Spin and rewards

A lucky spin is available every 48 hours, and you can take part in it. The person at the top of the list gets special gifts and gems that they can use to buy cool skins and weapons.

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When you play the game Mobile Legends, diamonds are very important. If you have diamonds in your account, you are already one level up and ahead of others. Don’t miss out on getting diamonds for your account. You can buy them with GCash right now and use them to make your games even more exciting and fun. Also, visit our tech section for related updates.


Can you give your friends diamonds?

No, you can’t send diamonds to your friend’s account. Once the diamonds are in your account, you can’t move them to another account. If you want your friend to get the diamonds too, you can put the diamonds on their account instead of yours when you recharge.

Can you get diamonds without paying?

Mobile Legends has tournaments, lucky spins, giveaways, and live streams that you can watch to win money, gift baskets, rewards, and lucky coins.

What is a BB coin?

Mobile Legends has an in-game currency called BB coin that players can use to buy skins, player profiles, weapons, and their favorite heroes. They can also use it to unlock new levels and adventures.