Zoë Krovitz’s Transformation Continues To Stun Us All

Zo Kravitz’s retort to the media’s repeated inquiries about her lip fillers is today’s round of humorous celebrity clapbacks. After posting a photo to Instagram on February 26th, the Big Little Lies actress had no patience for the nonsense going on in the comments section.

Zoe titled the photo, “pre @ysl show vibes @yslbeauty,” before posting it to Instagram. She captioned the picture, “Rouge Pur Couture Slim Sheer Matte 102 + Natural Pink and Volupte Liquid Balm 1.” These are the cosmetics she used to produce her picture-perfect lip. Someone still thought the actress had lip injections.

Zo didn’t have to respond to the strange, intrusive commenter, but she did so anyway. “um. she responded, “put some lipgloss on them…” The situation seems to have been resolved, or so you might assume. Nonetheless, this commenter and others were genuinely perplexed, with some even speculating that the actress had faked her lips.

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The character of Catwoman has brought even more attention to Zo Kravitz, who has been famous for as long as we can remember. (And, of course, her fascinating romance with Channing Tatum.)

The 33-year-old Big Little Lies actress — who, let’s be honest, has always been an unbelievably natural beauty; just look at her parents! — has been spotted looking a little different recently, and both fans and plastic surgeons have been trying to figure out what the cause might be. Let’s run down the recent internet attractions from her super-sculpted cheekbones to her more defined chin to her much larger eyes.

Eyes and Brows: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee is one of the many experts to weigh in on Zo’s recent makeover, and he noted that the difference in the height of her brows is not something that can be achieved with standard eyebrow hair removal techniques like threading, waxing, or microblading; this suggests that she may have had an alleged brow lift or gone one step further and had an upper blepharoplasty.

The Chin The Fantastic Beasts actress used to have somewhat hooded eyelids, but now a greater portion of her upper eyelid is exposed. It’s difficult to tell the two photographs apart, but a side-by-side comparison reveals a significant variation.

Looking at vintage photos of Zo, it becomes even more apparent that her chin has become more defined and carved over time. Because of this, many assume that she has had a little filler put to her chin to make it more defined and narrow.

Fillers The Kimi star’s admirers and critics alike assume that she has had fillers in her face because of her prominent and extremely sculpted cheekbones. However, the hollowing behind her cheekbones could be the result of a partial or complete excision of buccal fat, or it could simply be the result of normal aging. While we lack sufficient information at this time to draw any firm conclusions, we are completely smitten with her skeletal shape.

The internet isn’t in agreement on Zo’s makeover, as evidenced by the wide range of comments on Charles S. Lee’s TikTok channel. One viewer commented on @drlee90210’s video, “Omg she is absolutely a new person,” while others simply chalked it up to the effects of time. One admirer noted, “She looks the same she grow up,” and other others remarked on how stunning she has always been. One of her admirers gushed, “She is stunning no matter what.”

Many of her supporters, though, worried that she was going too far with the therapies. Another user added, “She looked better when she was natural,” and a third user agreed, saying, “Her natural face is better to me.” But some of her followers didn’t think she had to work very hard, saying it was all in the family. One admirer commented, “It’s not filler; she got it from her mom,” to which another responded, “Nah; she got surgery,” followed by two sobbing laughing emojis. Unless Catwoman herself decides to save us some time and inform us, we’ll never know.