Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Status Speculation And Closed Beta

We are always excited when a newly established gaming firm makes the decision to expand its operations into uncharted areas, and this is especially true in the case of Hoyoverse. Although we do not yet have a release date for Zenless Zone Zero and, more generally speaking, we do not have many specifics about the game, we do know that it takes place in an urban fantasy world.

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Even while we do not yet have a release date, it does not imply that information on this essential aspect will not soon be made available, especially considering that registrations for the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta is currently being accepted. There is also a Twitter feed dedicated to the game, and it is packed with information on the beta, artwork, and videos that provide some insight into the game.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Speculation And Closed Beta
Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Speculation And Closed Beta

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The release date has not yet been determined, and all that we do know for sure about the game is that it takes place in an urban fantasy environment and that the plot of the game includes a “sub-hollow tragedy” in the area that you are scheduled to visit. As new information about this topic becomes available, we will revise and update this article accordingly.


Those interested in participating in the beta process will have their next opportunity to do so on August 5, during the closed tuning test. The sign-up session will remain open until the 27th of July at midnight UTC. Because there is not yet an established date for the commercial release of ZZZ, you should save a bookmark to this website so that you may return to check for updates on any forthcoming beta tests.


Regarding the gameplay, we do not have much information at this time; nevertheless, the teaser video that can be found below gives the impression that the game will be a fast-paced, combat-heavy action adventure.

It seems the player assumes the position of a Proxy, ‘discovering,’ and then managing many factions in combat against animals from within Hollows. Check out our guide to the characters in Zenless Zone Zero to learn more about what we already know about the various factions, as well as our speculations on the player’s and the Proxies’ roles in the game.

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