Zelensky says Ukraine is “not afraid” and turns Russian invasion day into a national holiday

O presidente da Ucrânia, Volodymyr Zelensky

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky | Photo: EFE

)80139835000018013983500001 The President of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky, said this Wednesday (8013983500001 ) that the country “is not afraid of any enemy”, nor of predictions about the moment of a Russian attack, and that “it will defend itself ” if it happens.

“We will not back down and we will not surrender. united by our strength and will, firmness, courage and wisdom. We have been united for all these eight years (of war in the Donbas region). We are not afraid of any prediction, any people, any enemy, because we will defend ourselves in 16 of February, 17 of February, in March, April, September and December,” the politician told soldiers in the eastern city of Mariupol.

Zelensky pointed out the differences between the current scenario and that of 2014, when Russia illegally annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and supported the separatist militias in Donbas.

“The war lasted eight years, and we have become much stronger. We have strong armed forces, excellent diplomats, volunteers and resistance forces,” he added.

“We are calm, because we are together. We are strong because we are together. We are Ukrainians, and that is why we are together. I am happy, and it is a great honor to be the president of this people, of this country on a day like this”, emphasized Zelensky, to the military.

Although he highlighted that, in the current context, the day and month of a possible Russian attack are irrelevant, Zelensky decreed that this Wednesday, which would be the “day of the dreaded Russian invasion” according to some Western reports, will mark the celebration of national unity.

In a speech broadcast on television, the president said: “No one, only we together can defend our home. Happy Ukrainian Union Day! East, West, South and North”.

“They say that the day is the day of the invasion, so we will make it the day of the union “, declared the politician when instituting the date as a holiday, by decree, just two days ago.

Various Ukrainian flags and the national colors, blue and yellow, took over cities and towns from the Polish border to the Black Sea. At the Kiev Olympic Stadium, several hundred people spread out along the track of athletics a national flag with 200 meters in length.

The Maidan Square, stage in

and 2014 of two democratic revolutions that inspired the world and angered Russian President Vladimir Putin, was the center of attention of the demonstrations. “We want to show that we are not afraid”, told EFE the general director of the Post Office of Ukraine, Igor Smeli anski.

“This is the price to pay. If you don’t expect tanks to be welcomed with open arms, then you will certainly think twice”, he argued.

Zelensky opened the day’s celebrations and shortly after boarded a plane to lead the military maneuvers “Zametil-2014” that Ukraine launched last week across the country.

During the event, the military showed the president modern weaponry provided by the West, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger surface-to-air rockets and Turkish Bayraktar assault drones.