Zac Brown Band Cancels Concert After Being Denied Entry Into Canada

Zac Brown Band Cancels Concert: Even though the Grammy-winning band has played in Canada for more than a decade, including twice this year, they were not allowed into the country on Thursday night.

“Every time we came to Canada to work, we were at the mercy of a single border agent,” Zac Brown, the lead singer, wrote on Facebook. “Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get to the country last night,” Brown said that some of the group’s members had charges from more than 10 years ago, which is what made a Canadian border patrol agent stop the group.

Friday night, the band was set to play at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Zac Brown Band Cancels Concert
Zac Brown Band Cancels Concert

Rogers Arena said on its website that the show was called off because of “unexpected logistical issues.” After the sudden cancellation, the venue gave all ticket holders their money back.

Even though the band probably could have played their show in the Canadian seaport as planned, they chose to honor their relationships and leave Canada behind on the “Out In The Middle Tour.”

Brown said, “We are a family, a tribe.” “We help each other out and stick together, and we never leave anyone behind.”

The country music group will play in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, which is only a few days after their last show.

The tour started on April 22 and will last until November 19. It was supposed to stop in 31 cities in 22 states and provinces.

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