Young Sheldon Season 6 Immediately Walks Back S5’s Big Bang Theory Change

Season 6 of The Big Bang Theory has already reversed a major alteration established in the season 5 finale, according to a new Young Sheldon picture.

The Big Bang Theory tweak announced in the season 5 finale appears to be being walked back in a new Young Sheldon Season 6 picture. After an unavoidable summer vacation, production on CBS’ most popular comedy series has resumed.

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The behind-the-scenes information of Young Sheldon season 6, including what’s next for Sheldon Cooper, has yet to be released as official marketing material (Iain Armitage).

Sheldon was largely absent from Young Sheldon season 5 due to the show’s focus on other characters. By focusing on different members of the Cooper family, CBS decided to vary its tale. Young Sheldon didn’t reclaim Sheldon as its central character until the season 5 finale when he acquired a dread of the future.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Immediately Walks Back S5's Big Bang Theory Change (1)
Young Sheldon Season 6 Immediately Walks Back S5’s Big Bang Theory Change

Sheldon sought out Missy’s (Raegan Revord) advice, and she gave him reason to be optimistic about the future. In the wake of their discussion, he changed his look, donning his first Flash shirt, which was worn in the same manner he did on The Big Bang Theory, in place of his bow tie.

A new Young Sheldon season 6 picture shows Sheldon wearing his more formal outfit once again, thus this may no longer be the case whenever production returns from its hiatus. He joins Mary (Zoe Perry) and Missy (Melanie Griffith) for Sunday worship in their church in a flash.

Although the snapshot doesn’t provide any context as to when this scenario really takes place, it is intriguing that Sheldon would instantly discard his new attire.

In the season 5 conclusion of Young Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory Easter egg seemed like a cheap tactic to mention the geek show. Narratively, Sheldon’s mature wardrobe choices don’t make sense following his talk with Missy about his future anxieties.

Show producer Steve Molaro’s statement on the Flash shirt in the Young Sheldon season 5 finale reinforces the idea that it was nothing more than a cheap attempt to include The Big Bang Theory into its spin-off plot.

It was discovered soon after that “it is not a permanent clothing change, but an addition to his wardrobe,” according to the series co-writer. While it’s OK for Sheldon to grow his wardrobe, his choice of something so garish and garishly tacky is at odds with the rest of his Young Sheldon style, which has been more formal and respectable throughout.

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As a result, there really isn’t a compelling reason for Sheldon to start wearing branded t-shirts in the near future. Even if he were dressed like Jim Parsons’ Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, it would simply serve as a reminder that he will die.

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