You Season 4 Part 1 Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix? When Will It Come Out?

You Season 4 Part 1 Renewed Or Canceled: Beginning in early 2022, the two episodes of the upcoming season of You will be released. The dates have, however, been advanced by one day. Its fourth season, which will be available on Netflix, was recently completed. Season 4 will reportedly be released in two parts, the first in February 2023 and the second in March 2023.

According to information shared at Netflix’s TUDUM event. The fourth season of Netflix’s You is currently known as the following. You are a Netflix Original romantic crime drama series that Greg Berlanti directed and is based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes.

The show debuted on Lifetime before being chosen by Netflix as an Original. The show’s popularity increased after it debuted on Netflix, and over 54 million homes watched it globally. Every season of You features a move for Joe. The incredibly unnerving romantic serial murderer has made his rounds from New York to Los Angeles, Madre Linda, and, in season 3, Paris, France.

You Season 4 Part 1 Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix?

It was a remarkable move on Netflix’s behalf to announce the fourth You season 48 hours before the third season’s premiere. The news was made by one of the two showrunners, Sera Gamble, who added: “We’re extremely grateful that Netflix has shown You such amazing support and that people worldwide have loved seeing Joe do it all very wrong over the past three seasons. The fourth season of You will “explore new, dark dimensions of love,” according to the creators.

You may also consider the following:

Because it was one of the most watched Originals in the Netflix catalog, you wouldn’t continuously be renewed for a fourth season. To avoid giving away what was in store for Joe in season 3, we waited to make the news until after the third episode aired.

When Will You Season 4 on Netflix Be Available?

Your season 4 will be released in two days, according to Netflix! There will be two sections to the new season, although the original TUDUM event dates have been altered.

You Season 4 Part 1 Renewed Or Canceled
You Season 4 Part 1 Renewed Or Canceled

There, it was made known:

  • The first installment will air on Netflix on February 10, 2023, on a Friday.
  • The second part will debut on Netflix on March 10, 2023, a Friday.

However, both dates have been moved forward by one day in a later poster:

  • On February 9, 2023, Netflix will debut Part 1.
  • Friday, March 9, 2023, will see the Netflix launch of Part 2.

The official Twitter account has also made several dates for impending fourth-season promotional content hints. These are a few of the dates:

  • November 24
  • December 1
  • December 15
  • December 18
  • December 25
  • December 31
  • January 5
  • January 10

Why is it that these dates are used? The report states that the Class will continue to meet in 2023. These new dates establish your course schedule for Season 4 sneak peeks. Examine the plot, cast, trailer, and more for Zoo Season 4.

What Can We Expect for You Season 4?

When Joe left to find Marianne, the subject of his most recent fixation, in the season three finale of You, their very hostile relationship abruptly ended.

Will Joe Even Make Marianne Happy To See Him?

When Marianne entered the home and was confronted by Love, Joe was dead. And although Love had initially intended to murder Marianne, Juliette, her daughter, was able to influence Love. It will be Joe’s word against Love’s when the two of them meet because Love was able to convince Marianne of Joe’s wrongdoings despite having the want to kill Marianne and because Marianne was unaware that Joe was unconscious on the dining room floor.

Marianne might also believe Joe is dead if she pays attention to any news reports from Madra Linda that mention Joe as one of Love’s victims. Marianne is not a stupid person. Joe must convince Marianne that leaving his child behind is best for him, even though he won’t even have Henry and that seeing him in the flesh when he’s claimed to be dead will raise serious red flags.

You Season 4 Cast

Penn Badgley is the only cast member confirmed to return for You’s fourth season. Tati Gabrielle is expected to return as Marianne in the upcoming season. It was confirmed that Lukas Gage joined the fourth season of You cast in February 2022. Gage will play Adam, the young son of an influential East Coast businessman who is an American ex-pat.

Adam is a good-natured and likable party host and close friend, but like Joe, he also has many secrets. Adam self-identifies as a businessman and gambler. Lukas Gage will shortly appear on Peacock’s Angelyne, while Tyler on HBO’s Euphoria is probably where he is most known.

Tilly Keeper, a former Eastenders actress, was first linked to the You season 4 cast in March. Keeper portrayed Louise Mitchell on the British soap drama from 2016 to 2020. She will play Lady Phoebe in the new series, described as an “aristocratic socialite with a dedicated fan base. Phoebe’s real colors reveal when she’s alone with her pals.”

According to Deadline, British actress Charlotte Ritchie will join the cast on March 25. She will take on the role of Kate, an “intelligent, independent, suspicious, and misses nothing” heroine who “manages temperamental artists” for an art gallery. Her most well-known work is from the Ghosts television series.

Amy Leigh Hickman, best known for playing Nadia in Ackley Bridge, is characterized as “a literature major with a love of speculative fiction and the aim to be a serious author.” Ed Speleers, who was most recently seen in Netflix’s Against the Ice and is also well-known for his work in Outlander and Downton Abbey, will play the part of Rhys. Rhys is described as an “author whose memoir garnered him fame and pressure to pursue a political career.”

The remaining newcomers are as follows:

  • Alison Pargeter as Dawn
  • Ben Wiggins as Roald
  • Stephen Hagan as Malcolm
  • Adam James as Elliot
  • Eve Austin as Gemma
  • Nancy Lin as Sophia
  • Aidan Cheng as Simon
  • Dario Coates as Connie
  • Ozioma When a Blessing
  • Brad Alexander as Edward
  • Jadesola Odunjo as Victoria

You Season 4 Trailer

You can watch You Season 4 trailer below:

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