XXXTentacion Net Worth: How Much Money Did The Rapper Have Before Death?

Recently, XXXTentacion net worth has been in the news because he left behind a huge amount of money when he died.

Fans of the rapper XXXTentacion recently came from all over the world to his Florida tomb to remember his life. They remembered him and marked the fourth year since he had died. Even though he was successful in the music business, he had legal problems throughout his career.

Still, he was able to increase his wealth and leave behind a huge fortune when he died in 2018.

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What Was XXXTentacion Net Worth?

XXXTentacion was an American rapper who died in June 2018. At the time of his death, he was worth $5 million. “XXX” had a very loyal fan base of people who liked his unique style of music.

XXXTentacion Net Worth
XXXTentacion Net Worth

A lot of the time, XXXTentacion’s music was based on how depressed and upset he felt. His music was a mix of emo, trap, indie rock, nu-metal, hip hop, and punk rock that didn’t fit into any one genre. Next, you read How Famous was XXXtentacion.

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Was XXXTentacion A Successful Musician?

Even though XXXTentation was a successful musician, he had legal problems his whole life. He spent time in a juvenile detention center when he was young, which gave him the idea to start making music. These legal problems followed him throughout his life, and XXXTentacion went back to prison several times while he was making rap music.

In 2018, two men in masks killed XXXTentacion in Florida. After shooting the rapper, the robbers took a Louis Vuitton bag with $50,000 in cash and ran away. In the hip-hop world, XXX’s death was seen as a tragedy, and many of his fans were saddened by it.

After he put out the song “Gun/Flock” in 2013, he met other rappers in juvenile detention, such as Ski Mask the Slump God, with whom he collaborated. Then he started going by the name “XXXTentacion” and putting out music on SoundCloud. “Tentacion” is the Spanish word for “temptation.” After putting together the group “Members Only,” Onfroy put out his first EP, “The Fall,” in 2014.

Before XXX quit his job and started focusing more on music, he made more mixtapes and EPs. Even though he had legal problems, he began making his first album, “Bad Vibes Forever,” in 2016. But “Look at Me,” his 2017 single, really put him on the map. His career was set back by another time in prison, but he got out in 2017 and put out more studio albums and mixtapes like “I Need Jesus” and “17.”

Onfroy’s “The Revenge Tour” started in 2017 and went all over the country. During this tour, there were a number of problems, such as stabbings, fistfights, and more. After putting out his first mixtape by himself, “Revenge,” he released a music video for “Look at Me.” His first solo album, “17,” went on to sell three million copies. After XXXTentacion died, his music kept coming out even after he was gone. In the next few paragraphs, you will read all about XXXtentacion’s legal issues, contract and how he died, so stick with us till the end.

XXXTentacion’s Legal Problems

After his first time in a youth detention center for having a gun, Onfroy continued to have problems with the law. Two years later, he was arrested and charged with home invasion, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. XXX was then charged with false imprisonment, tampering with a witness, and aggravated battery of a pregnant victim in the same case.

In the end, he was given house arrest. After Onfroy was freed, a video of him hitting a woman in 2013 came to light. Later in 2018, an audio recording was made public in which XXXTentacion seemed to admit to a number of crimes, such as domestic violence and stabbings.

Most of these confessions probably had to do with XXX’s ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. Since then, she has said that the rapper hurt her badly. Ayala says that the rapper also threatened to kill himself more than once while she was watching.

People have said that XXXTentacion left behind a divisive legacy since he died. On the one hand, he “gave depression and mental health problems a voice.” On the other hand, he seems to have hurt many people without feeling bad about it. In fact, he “boasts” about hurting people in many of his songs.

XXXTentacion’s Contracts

In October 2017, news came out that XXXTentacion had signed a record deal worth $6 million. Shortly after saying that he had signed the $6 million contract, XXX ended the deal for reasons that are not clear. It turned out that XXX had signed a $10 million contract with a company called Empire to release his next album in the weeks before he died.

Corey Pack, Onfroy’s half-brother, sued XXX’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, over an estate dispute after Onfroy died. He wanted Pack and two other people to have more access to a trust fund that XXX supposedly left for them, and he wanted at least $11 million in damages. Pack’s mother, Jodi Kavney, filed the lawsuit on his behalf. She said that Bernard had planned to take the trust money for herself.

According to these claims, Bernard was only supposed to get half of the money in the trust fund as it was. The other half was supposed to be split between Pack and XXX’s brother Aiden Kerr. Kaveny said Bernard had “illegally and secretly moved” the whole amount into her own accounts. So, Kavney and her son are asking for up to $33 million if they can show that Bernard stole the money on purpose. In the suit, Pack is also said to be entitled to “ownership rights” to XXX’s posthumous record label, Bad Vibe Entities. People also think that XXX has a large collection of unreleased music that will let his family keep putting out music for a long time.

How Much Property Does XXXTentacion Have?

At the time of his death in 2018, XXXTentacion was reportedly in the process of moving into a $1.4 million home. The 6,000-square-foot house is in Parkland, Florida, just 15 minutes from where the rapper was shot and killed. The house had four bedrooms, a swimming pool, and more than an acre of land. During his last days, he was busy decorating and making repairs, and a crew was building an impressive security fence around the outside. This could have been a sign that XXXTentacion knew he was in trouble.

XXXTentacion Net Worth

Also, before he died, XXXTentacion was buying at least four homes for his family. This included a home for his mother that he chose himself and cost $3.4 million. This house was also in the Florida city of Parkland. Realtors said the 6-bedroom house, which was over 15,000 square feet, was “great for entertaining.” High ceilings, a grand foyer, and a long, winding staircase all make a building feel grand. XXXTentacion’s mother did move into the house in the end.

Later, property records showed that the rapper bought four homes in South Florida in 2018. All of these were supposedly meant for his family to use. He spent a total of $1.7 million on these four homes. He bought one for $420,000, another for $467,500, a third for $385,000, and a fourth for $500,000. Each of these four homes had at least three bedrooms.

How Did XXXTentacion Die?

On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion died in Florida, USA. It’s because the throat has been shot several times. Once, two people with guns came up to him and took the $50,000 in cash that was in the Louis Vuitton bag. They took it from him and then killed him.

He was said to be dead at Broward Health North Hospital. There were thousands of fans at his funeral. Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park in Florida, USA, set up a private funeral and buried the body in a mausoleum.

Final Lines

One of the best-known names in the music business is XXXTentacion. At the time of his death in 2018, it was thought that XXXTentacion was worth $5 million. Even though he was in trouble with the law for things like domestic violence, gun possession, robbery, and false imprisonment, and there was a lot of controversy around him, the rapper won the hearts of millions of people with his honest personality and songs that people could relate to.

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