Xi Jinping and Putin meet in Beijing and talk about stepping up partnership

Ditador chinês disse que China e Rússia “salvaguardam o verdadeiro espírito da democracia”

Chinese dictator said that China and Russia “safeguard the true spirit of democracy”| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEXEI DRUZHININ/KREMLIN/SPUTNIK


China and Russia will “relentlessly” intensify strategic coordination and face together “external interference and threats to regional security”, said this Friday (4) the dictator of the Asian country, Xi Jinping, during a meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

“This is something that has not changed and will not change. We respect the sovereignty of the other, as well as their security and development interests. We will face foreign interference and threats to national security”, said the Chinese president, in the first meeting in two years with the Russian leader, which took place this Friday in Beijing. 04160333The meeting took place amid growing tensions between the two countries and the United States.

04160333Putin arrived in Beijing to accompany the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and celebrated that Russia’s relations with China enjoy “unprecedented proximity”. The Kremlin leader highlighted that the Asian giant is the “most important strategic partner and a close friend”.

With the crisis in Ukraine and the tensions related to Taiwan, Xi Jinping was emphatic when he said that China and Russia have committed themselves to “relentlessly deepening strategic coordination” and “defending equality and justice”. international.”

The two countries, in addition, issued a joint statement on the entry of international relations “into a new era”, in which “common positions” on democracy, order, development and security are exposed.

“We actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system, practicing multilateralism, safeguarding the true spirit of democracy. We play an essential role in uniting the international community to overcome difficulties and preserve international justice and equality,” said Xi.

Putin, in turn, highlighted that, since the coming to power of both in China and Russia, their respective governments have supported each other “in all kinds of matters”, including foreign policy and economic development. Furthermore, that the ties between countries are “a model of what international relations should be in the 21st century”.

According to the Russian president, the objective of deepening relations between nations aims to “preserve common interests”, but also “the security of the whole world”.

Putin added that the two countries should equally bet on cooperation in energy projects and that this partnership should increase with the distribution of natural gas.