Is Netflix Planning To Release Women At War Season 2?

Have you seen Women at War, Netflix’s new movie set in the past? It came out on the streaming service on January 19 and is already on the top 10 list. We think you should try the series if you haven’t already. But we know that a lot of people have already seen all eight episodes and are wondering if there will be a second season. No worries! We wrote down everything we know about a possible second season of Women at War.

Women At War Season 2
Women At War Season 2

Alexandre Laurent is in charge of the French drama set in the past called Women at War. It takes place in France during World War I and is about four very different women whose lives cross as they have to deal with the hard things going on at home because of the war.

The cast includes talented French actors like Audrey Fleurot, Sofia Essadi, Julie De Bona, Camille Lou, and many others.

So, will there be a second season of Women at War? What we know is as follows.

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Will There Be A Second Season of Women At War?

Netflix has not stated whether or not there will be a second season as of January 20. But there is almost no chance that there will be a second season. The show is called a “limited series,” which means that it will only be shown once. That is, there will only be one season of the show. Also, the show’s storyline ended with the last episode, so there is no more story to tell in a second installment.

Women At War Season 2

Even though there probably won’t be a second season of Women at War, you can look forward to what the lead actresses are doing next. Infiltré is the name of the miniseries that Fleurot will be in. The official release date hasn’t been set yet, but it’s likely to come out sometime in 2023. Lou will also be in a comedy movie called “Chasse Gardée.” It should also come out in 2023. But no one knows what Sofia Essadi and Julie De Bona will do next.

Have you seen the previous season of the show? Well, if no then you can stream the show online on Netflix.