Wisconsin’s High School Student Dies From Flu, Report Says

The state Department of Health Services confirmed Friday morning that a second child in Wisconsin died from complications caused by the flu. The agency’s most recent statement comes three days after the first flu-related death was reported.

The agency hasn’t said how old either child was or where they died because they don’t want to invade people’s privacy. But NBC15 News’s sister station WBAY says she was Ava Schmidt, a freshman at Green Bay’s Bay Port High School.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that the flu has killed 47 children across the country. Seventeen of these things have happened in the last week.

Wisconsin's High School Student Dies From Flu
Wisconsin’s High School Student Dies From Flu

After the first death, the state’s top doctor, Dr. Ryan Westergaard, urged people to get the flu shot this year because flu cases are going up all over Wisconsin.

He said at the time, “It’s important to take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones.” “(The flu vaccine) is the best thing we have to keep people from getting sick, going to the hospital, or dying during flu season.”

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Early information from health officials shows that this year’s flu shot matches the strains that are currently going around. They want everyone older than six months to get the vaccine, especially people who are more likely to get sick, like pregnant women, people 65 or older, or people with long-term health problems. People who still need to get the vaccine can find a place by going to vaccines.gov or calling 211 or 977-947-2211.

DHS also gave these tips on how to stop the virus from spreading (taken directly from the statement):

  • Wash your hands often for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • If you’re sick, stay home and stay away from other people.
  • Stay away from people who are sick or have the flu.
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth and tell kids to do the same.
  • Wear a good mask around other people to keep respiratory illnesses from spreading.

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