Will There Be a Season 5 of Stranger Things? What We Expect

As they say, all good things must come to an end, so we knew this day would eventually arrive. The Duffer Brothers, creators of the science fiction series Stranger Things, said on February 17, 2022, that season 5 would be the last installment of the record-breaking Netflix hit.

Although saying goodbye will be extremely painful, our favorite Dungeons & Dragons cast’s great adventures will continue.

Eleven, Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and the other members of the Hawkins gang have battled demogorgons, explored the wonders of the Upside Down, fought Russians and Mind Flayers at the Starcourt Mall, and attempted to vanquish Vecna, the most recent antagonist from the parallel realm.

Will There Be a Season 5 of Stranger Things
Will There Be a Season 5 of Stranger Things

With Stranger Things 4 now available on Netflix, we’re already considering how the show’s several storylines might be resolved in season 5. The most crucial question is when it will debut. Like season 4, will it be divided into two parts? There is a tonne of inquiries.

But fortunately, we’re here to explain everything in detail. Find out what we currently know about Stranger Things‘ fifth season below.

Has Stranger Things 5 Filming Officially Started?

Not just yet. But we’ve made progress! On January 26, 2023, Noah Schnapp stated on TikTok Live that production would begin in May 2023. When asked if filming will interfere with his college academics, the actor said“No, it’s not. I’m done with school in May, and starting to shoot in May.”

The Hawkins team appears to be getting back together in a few months, which suggests that the final season might air sooner than anticipated.

Stranger Things will start filming its fifth and final season in 2023, but we don’t know when it will come out. You can check out more articles for other information:

On November 6, 2022, Netflix celebrated Stranger Things Day with a number of online and offline activations. The first episode of the last season will be titled “Chapter One: The Crawl,” according to a screenshot of the official Stranger Things 5 script shared by the streamer. It really can’t come soon enough for the adored science fiction series’ fifth season.

The official Stranger Things writers’ room Twitter account provided a production update on August 25. They typed “Grid stage” next to a picture of a whiteboard divided into eight sections. A user wondered if the two lines that separate episodes 4 and 5 represent the location of the season’s time jump.

The Duffer Brothers, who are the show’s creators, have previously hinted that there will be a time jump in the final season, so maybe it will start with the first episode? Or perhaps the two lines indicate that the season will be released in two parts, similar to season 4.

“Not a time jump. Does it mean anything? 🤔,”  the writers’ room responded.

The writers’ room announced that they had begun writing the last season in early August.

Stranger Things 5 Possible Release Date

There is no firm release date for season 5, as the writers of the series have only recently begun writing. Seasons 3 and 4 were released three years apart. However, the epidemic caused scheduling and production delays. Maybe we won’t have to wait that long, but Stranger Things 5 probably won’t be released until 2023 or 2024.

Finn Wolfhard suggested that the popular sci-fi show’s fifth and final season probably won’t premiere on Netflix until 2025 in a February 2023 interview with GQ.

“I can’t believe it’s already season 5, I will be 22 by the time it comes out, I think, and I started working on the show at 12. That is insane,” the actor said.

“I’ll be able to drink with Gaten [Matarazzo], Caleb [McLaughlin] and Noah [Schnapp] and the whole cast at the premiere of Stranger Things 5. [You] couldn’t have said the same thing at the season 1 premiere, which blows my mind.”

Finn is currently 20 years old and won’t turn 21 until the end of 2024 because he was born in December 2002. According to Finn’s assertion, this also suggests that Stranger Things 5 might possibly be released near the conclusion of 2025.

Don’t worry that the series might start coming out once a week on Netflix. Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s head of scripted series for the U.S. and Canada, told Variety on June 7, 2022, that the final season will be released all at once, just like the other ones.

We don’t know when Stranger Things’ fifth and final season will premiere, but production will begin that year. Keep checking the Nog Magazine if you want to know more about this.