Will Rick And Morty Have 9 Seasons? Production Already Working on 7 and 8 Part!

Rick and Morty Season 6 is back on Adult Swim after its mid-season break, but Seasons 7, 8, and 9 are also coming up. The creators of the interdimensional cartoon series told Newsweek that there will be at least one new season every year from now on. This means that the rate of production will go up.

So far, six episodes of Season 6 have been shown on Adult Swim. After a month break, the last four episodes will be shown once a week starting on Sunday, November 20.

We talked to the cast and creators of Rick and Morty to find out what was going on before the show came back.

Rick and Morty Season 6 So Far…

Chris Parnell told Newsweek that the part of his character’s story where he tried to avoid having s*x with his mother fit in with most of the other crazy things (Season 6 Episode 5, “Final DeSmithation”).

“I mean, that’s what Rick and Morty are about. You get crazy things like your fortune telling you that you’re going to have s*x with your mom at work.”

Will Rick And Morty Have 9 Seasons
Will Rick And Morty Have 9 Seasons

Newsweek talked to “Rick and Morty” creator and voice actor Justin Roiland, “Rick and Morty” showrunner Scott Marder, and voice actors Sarah Chalke, Spencer Grammer, and Chris Parnell about Season 6.

Sarah Chalke, who now plays both Beth and Space Beth, had a strange time in the recording booth during the first half of Season 6.

 In Episode 3, “Bethic Twinstinct,” her two characters start a passionate love affair, which is hard for Chalke. “I was actually showing myself love because it would be like, “Just make out with yourself; we need all the sounds.” So you’re just making kissing sounds and other noises with your hand in your vocal sound booth “Chalke told Newsweek.

She said that she often records her lines in a sound booth she built in her sister’s garage, so she was hoping that none of her family members or children heard the recordings that day.

She records “tamed” Beth separately from Space Beth, giving the voice of the latter some “gravel.” During Season 6 of “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim, Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland) and Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) go on another adventure.

“It was a lot of fun because I got to play both characters, and it was great to have an episode where they could really act with each other and have fun together.” Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith, says that some of her favorites were some of the show’s most “irreverent” moments.

“The quotes that stand out to me are the ones that say something true or funny about our world,” she told Newsweek.

Grammer said, “We’re all going to die, so go watch TV,” a line from the show “Cable. That one has really stood out to me this time around, and I’m not sure why.”

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Will Rick And Morty Have 9 Seasons?

Fans of Rick and Morty have had to wait a long time in the past. Between Seasons 2 and 3, they had to wait 18 months; between Seasons 3 and 4, they had to wait over two years.

Luckily, showrunner Scott Marder now seems always to be at least one step ahead, saying that these delays are over. Marder told Newsweek, “I’m on Season 8.”

“I’m on 8, and we’ll start 9 at the beginning of next year. So we’re making progress, which is great and really exciting. We’re overlapping two or three seasons in the records, so it looks like a kaleidoscope from our point of view.”

Marder went on, “You’ll get one every year.” “As long as I’m alive, you’ll get a Rick and Morty every year.” With an animated campaign with Adidas and guerrilla marketing that took over famous landmarks worldwide, Season 6 of Rick and Morty was promoted worldwide.

Rick, Morty, Beth, and Jerry go on new adventures in Season 6 stills from “Rick and Morty.”

Rick, Morty, and monsters showed up in England, Brazil, the Netherlands, and all over the United States during #Wormageddon. The creator of Rick and Morty and the voice of both characters, Justin Roiland, called it an “incredible and mind-blowing marketing campaign.” Anyone who thought the ads would be about the new season will be let down.

“There isn’t a direct link between the two if that’s what you mean. It was just a different, fun way to market and a brilliant, fantastic way to market around the world. One of the most ambitious ways to demand I’ve ever seen, “he told Newsweek.

Cameos By Celebrities

During its run, Rick and Morty have had a lot of big-name guest stars. Season 6 alone has already had Peter Dinklage, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Mraz, and Keith David, a regular guest star.

As the show’s popularity has grown, the people who make it say it’s become easier to get big names to join.

“Roiland said that getting great people was harder in Season 1, but now it’s easier.

Marder said, “Either the celebrity knows about it or their child likes it.” “I feel like we’re getting most of the people we want these days, which is cool because it’s rubbed off on their kids.”

Rick and Morty, whose voices are both done by co-creator Justin Roiland, will be back on Adult Swim on November 20, 2022.

“Oh my goodness, we’ve been so lucky!” said Chalke. “Every single one of them adds so much to it. For example, having Susan Sarandon play the therapist always makes me laugh. My favorite is her.”

If you’ve seen the trailers for Season 6, you may have noticed that the therapist comes back later in the season. Roiland says that even though Rick and Morty have had a lot of great guest stars, there’s still one they haven’t been able to get.

“JB Smoove. We couldn’t get him on Seasons 1 or 2, but I’d love to work with him more. He’s on my video game, “High on Life,” which will be out soon, and he’s great “Roiland said. “He’s great at improv, and I feel like he told me, ‘Put me on Rick and Morty.'”

“Full Meta Jackrick,” the seventh episode of Rick and Morty, will air on Adult Swim at 11 p.m. on Sunday, November 20.

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