Why did Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Divorce? The Truth Behind Their Separation

With Netflix’s biopic on the real life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe, the world got to know more about the sad life of the beauty. Ana de Armas totally aced the role of Marilyn Monroe on screen and showed the journey from Monroe’s childhood to the time of her death beautifully. Originally named Norma Jeane Mortensen, Marilyn Monroe became the stage name by which the world knows her. The film “Blonde” took quite an emotional toll on the minds and hearts of the viewers. Shocking details about Marilyn Monroe’s personal life were hard to watch. 

But what disturbed the fans the most is her relationship with Arthur Miller. Marilyn was married a couple of times and Arthur Miller was her third husband. It seemed like Marilyn found peace after finding Arthur. Their relationship looked like a fairy tale and the fans were happy for her. However, this started turning sour and the couple separated soon enough. What was the reason behind this? Why did Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller divorce? The reason might not be what you want to hear. Must Check Sylvester Stallone Divorce

Who Aas Arthur Miller? The Relationship between Marilyn Monroe and her Intellectual Husband

As we have all seen, Arthur Miller was a celebrated playwright who also happened to be Marilyn Monroe’s third husband. The famous couple, Marilyn and Arthur met in the 1950s and soon they found interest in each other. The love started budding and they soon became serious about their relationship. Marilyn ended up having her second divorce and post-October 1955, Arthur and Marilyn were extremely serious about their relationship. In fact, Miller was already married to his wife when he was dating Monroe.

Why did Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Divorce
Why did Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Divorce

When they became passionate about their love, Miller divorced his first wife and soon married Marilyn on the beautiful day of 29th June 1956. Though the couple was happy about their union, the news outlets and fans considered this relationship to be a complete mismatch.

In fact, the couple was ruthlessly named “The Egghead and the Hourglass” because Arthur was an intellect whereas Monroe was seen as a symbol of sex.

Initially, they thrived in their relationship. Monroe had some of the best moments of her life with him. But soon, there was trouble in paradise and later, Miller was involved in communism which led to him getting investigated by the FBI. Even a file was opened on Monroe. 

After a lot of problems, the couple decided to divorce in November 1960. They finally had a divorce in January 1961 and the world was sad to see such an ending. Read Why Did Iyanna And Jarrett Divorce?

What Are The True Reason Behind Marilyn Monroe And Arthur Miller’s Divorce?

Just like any other couple, Marilyn and Arthur had their fair share of arguments. Marilyn looked upon Arthur as someone she can trust with all her heart. But as they were professionally involved in working together for “The Misfits”, the couple ended up having a couple of disagreements that they couldn’t settle on.

Why did Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Divorce

Miller’s film “Biography” stated that he always wanted Marilyn to evolve into a serious actress and that didn’t sit right with her. The film originally started in 1960 but there were a lot of obstacles on the way. The script was almost rewritten regularly which made the filmmaking process harder. 

Marilyn even took to addressing the issue and said, “Arthur said it’s his movie,” “I don’t think he even wants me in it. It’s all over. We have to stay with each other because it would be bad for the film if we split up now.”

There were many different complications and according to “Biography,” the issue of Monroe’s substance abuse was another major reason. It even led to a week’s hospitalization in Los Angeles for helping her with getting rid of their addictions.

Later, the film was completed and so was her relationship with her husband Miller. Since there was nothing left to explore, they decided to proceed with filing for divorce after the closure of production.

On 20th January 1961, the same day as John F. Kennedy’s inauguration was the date when Monroe chose to get divorced.

However, this wasn’t her only failed marriage. Marilyn married James Dougherty at the age of 16 in 1942. After getting divorced in 1948, she married Joe DiMaggio in 1954 who was a famed New York Yankees baseball player. And their relationship lasted for only nine months. 

Apart from that, she was in love with Charlie Chaplain Jr in the initial stages of her life. But her most infamous affair was with John F. Kennedy. It was controversial and fans believed that maybe this affair resulted in her paying the heavy price of scar in reputation. Sadly, Marilyn Monroe died when she was only 36 years old in 1962 leaving behind all glamour and her fame. 

Marilyn Monroe was successful in her career but her personal life was nothing like a fairy tale!

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