Why Did Jennifer Esposito Leave NCIS? Logic Behind This!

Becoming a regular cast member on a special show in its 14th season is challenging. It is much more intimidating when the show is as successful as NCIS, a crime drama with a naval setting that airs on CBS and has consistently topped lists of the Most Watched Dramas for years. Despite the task’s difficulty, Jennifer Esposito won over NCIS viewers almost immediately after making her debut in the role of Special Agent Alex Quinn in the show’s inaugural episode in 2016.

Esposito’s portrayal of Alex Quinn, who is intelligent, brave and flirtatious, carried some pretty intense storylines. These included the death of the character’s former partner, which Quinn blamed herself for, which caused her to quit NCIS field work for a while, and her mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease. However, viewers also enjoyed that despite her tragic history, Quinn had a sense of humor and a natural affinity with her coworkers. Fans were left perplexed and unhappy when it was revealed that Esposito would not be returning to NCIS in June 2017, three months before the show premiere of the 15th season the show.

Even though it has been on the air for so many years, NCIS has had several cast members and even the show’s original creator leave the show under mysterious circumstances. (These are only a few secrets about NCIS that no one will ever reveal to you.) Nevertheless, what about Jenifer Esposito? The truth behind why she quit NCIS after just one season is displayed here.

Why Did Jennifer Esposito Leave NCIS
Why Did Jennifer Esposito Leave NCIS

Alex Quinn, According To Jennifer Esposito, Was Only Intended To Be Here For A Temporary Period

NCIS viewers naturally wanted to know why Esposito, who had shown to be so popular, had been written out after only one season. After learning the truth about why many NCIS performers had departed the program over the years, the intrigue around the show only grew. Still, Esposito was eager to put a stop to the speculation. As quoted in the original Deadline article about Esposito’s departure from NCIS, the actress remarked that she “could not have asked for a greater opportunity” and that working on the show had been “a great experience.”

On June 9, 2017, Esposito went on Twitter to end rumors regarding the genuine reason for her abrupt resignation. She emphasized that it had nothing to do with health issues and continued, “I knew my time there would be short, but I still enjoyed it.

Made some fantastic new pals!” While other actors who have left NCIS have cited the show’s demanding filming schedule, the monotony of doing a long-running series and even sexual harassment from co-stars as reasons for their departure, the official party line when it comes to Esposito is that Quinn was only meant to last for one season.

Why Did Jennifer Esposito Leave NCIS

Unlike the first time, Esposito abruptly departed a show, explaining his decision this time. She fell on set in 2012 and was later diagnosed with Celiac disease, but she claims CBS put her on unpaid leave from Blue Bloods and wouldn’t allow her to work anywhere else. Therefore, she has no qualms about publicly criticizing networks when she suspects wrongdoing behind the scenes (or perhaps she has already).

Is it true that the new NCIS producers didn’t warm up to Quinn?

Despite Esposito’s best attempts, speculation persists about the valid reason for her resignation from NCIS: some attribute it to the untimely passing of showrunner Gary Glasberg on September 28, 2016. (the day after the second episode of season 14 aired). Two of the show’s veteran writers, Frank Cardea and George Schenck, who had been with NCIS since its first season, were elevated in November to fill Glasberg’s large shoes. To replace Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, Glasberg developed Quinn. However, the new showrunners reportedly weren’t fond of him.

Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the show, said Glasberg had planned the season’s trajectory before his death. As the season 14 finale saw Quinn answering two unknown calls, he may have had a storyline for her beyond that point in mind, maybe hinting that her mother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed.

In an interview between seasons 14 and 15, when asked about these clues, Cardea and Schenck remained cagey. A part of NCIS’s attraction, according to Cardea, is that “we’ll drop a little nugget, maybe not get back to it for a dozen episodes or so, then you’ll find out why we did that.” Cardea also mentioned that Quinn’s mother “will consume little of her time.”

In contrast, Quinn’s departure was never addressed in the show. Given this, it seems likely that Cardea and Schenck intended to incorporate her in subsequent seasons despite Esposito’s claims but that their plans fell through for whatever reason. This appears to be yet another secret about NCIS. Happily, mystery-lovers make up a large portion of NCIS’s audience.