Why Did Iyanna And Jarrett Divorce? On Instagram they Announce Divorcing News

For the first time since the couple’s wedding was featured on Love Is Blind, Iyanna McNeely discusses her decision to end her marriage to Jarrette Jones. Iyanna McNeely explains to Jarrette Jones why she and he are the first married couple on Love Is Blind to file for divorce. The first couple on the show to get a divorce was Iyanna and Jarrette. Although viewers have witnessed several couples in the early stages of their relationships, this is the first marriage to end on the show.

The couple announced their separation less than a year after the audience saw them fall in love while participating in the marriage experiment. There were a few bumps in their relationship when they first started dating because Iyanna was Jarrette’s second choice for a bride.

Love is Blind, a popular Netflix reality dating series, concluded its second season in February, but the couples still seem to be together. In the preview for the upcoming season of After the Altar, we get a glimpse of what the Pod Squad has been up to between their last filming and reunion.

Mallory Zapata was Jarrette’s first choice, but she ultimately decided to go with Salvador Perez. After being initially rejected by Iyanna, Jarrette quickly picked himself up and asked her out again, to which she enthusiastically replied, “yes.” On the group honeymoon trip, all the newlywed couples met each other for the first time, but it was love at first sight for Jarrette and Mallory.  Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley: what we are aware of so far. You must check other articles by clicking here.

why did iyanna and jarrett divorce
why did Iyanna and Jarrett divorce

Seeing how attracted their partners were to one another was painful for Iyanna and Salvador. While deciding whether or not to wed, they each made strides toward better understanding the other. The season finale revealed that Salvador had decided against marrying Mallory because she was not the right person for him. The process was complete when Iyanna and Jarrette finally tied the knot and started their married lives together.

Iyanna and Jarrette were married for almost a year before they announced their separation this week. Iyanna followed up the report by addressing fans’ speculations on the cause of the breakup in a series of tweets. Iyanna responded to a fan who seemed to hold Jarrette responsible for the break by saying, “We tried our best.” Yet another supporter questioned the validity of the marriage experiment, wondering if two people could genuinely fall in love without ever meeting in person.

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However, Iyanna insisted that “depending on the people,” the experiment was successful. She blamed their split on the fact that “marriage is more than love,” adding, “unfortunately, we were incompatible on everything else.” Iyanna replied to a supporter who had remarked on how “happy” she and Jarrette appeared to be. There was a time when they “were,” but she admitted that their lives are now taking separate paths.

Furthermore, they claimed they had no regrets about participating in the public marriage demonstration. Listeners had high hopes for both Iyanna and Jarrette. They got engaged and married in the season finale, along with another couple. More good news: Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson married and seemed happy together. However, many couples on Love Is Blind split up during the show’s second season.

The crowd’s favorite couple, Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen called off their wedding after a fight the night before. Iyanna and Jarrette set a new precedent for on-screen separations by completing their divorce.

Concluding Remarks:

On their respective Instagram accounts on August 17, 2018, Iyanna and Jarrette announced the devastating news that they were divorcing. At the time of the announcement, they had been together for over a year.

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