Why Did Gus kill Victor In “Better Call Saul”?

Why Did Gus Kill Victor In Better Call Saul?

Fans were on the edge of their seats during the first episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, which shares a plot with Better Call Saul. In the show that first aired on July 17, 2011, Gustavo “Gus” Fring, known as the “Chicken Man” in the Cartel, is furious when he hears that two of his drug dealers have died. Gus tells his minions Victor and Gale to keep a close eye on the chemist. Walter White killed the people to protect his partner in making meth, Jesse Pinkman.

Why Did Gus Kill Victor ?
Why Did Gus Kill Victor?

But when Gus finds out that the main character played a part in the murders, he tells Walter to bring him to him the lab. Walter calls Jesse in a panic, telling him to kill Gale. He thinks this will save his own life.

Victor runs as fast as he can to stop the gun-toting career criminal, but he gets there too late. When he gets there, he finds a crowd of worried neighbors looking at the murder scene. He then takes Jesse to the lab, where Walter tries very hard to convince Gus that he needs Jesse and himself to make his drugs.

Then, Victor tries to show his boss how valuable he is by showing that he has learned to cook by watching Walt. But when Gus finds out how messy Gale’s murder was, he cuts Victor’s throat with a box cutter right in front of his scared friends. The crazy boss then tells them to “get back to work,” hoping they will realize how dangerous it is to cross him.

People think that Gus killed his loyal henchman because the man exposed himself at the murder scene of Gale, which put the businessman’s drug empire in danger. But Walt concluded Victor’s death and told Jesse that Gus’s best friend had “flown too close to the sun.” He gave the impression that Gus might have done something drastic to stop his henchman from running his operation in a risky way.

When Victor said he had been making meth while holding Walt and Jesse hostage, the murderous drug lord was angry. Walter and Jesse later dissolve Victor’s body and the box cutter and murder weapon used on Gale in hydrofluoric acid. After the episode, the actor who plays Gus, Giancarlo Esposito, said about the shocking death in the Box Cutter episode: “I’m holding him, and I’ve cut his throat, so he’s bleeding out. “But in the end, I wanted to feel sorry for him, to have a moment when I thought, “I didn’t want to kill this guy this way.”

“Because I think he liked Victor in his heart. He wants this guy to die quickly, but he has to keep him alive so that these other guys can get the message. “This is when you realize Gus is a real killer.”

Who Played Victor In Better Call Saul?

American actor Jeremiah Bitsui played Victor, a big break in his career. At age five, he tried his hand at acting. His first role was as Mickey in the Japanese movie Mickey’s House.

After being in the movies Natural Born Killers and A Thousand Roads, Jeremiah played Eagle Flies in Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. The actor from Los Angeles got his role in Breaking Bad and then played the same character in the hit prequel show Better Call Saul.

He said the following about Victor: “At the beginning, I think Victor was finding himself in a place where he was, I don’t know, maybe a little bit newer on the team, or maybe his status was going up, which made him happy. “By the end, there’s a mean part of him that makes me think he’s done all this and kind of enjoys it,” she said.

Who Is Gus Fring?

In the popular drama series, Giancarlo Esposito plays Gus Fring, a significant drug dealer. The Italian-American actor and director was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his exciting role.

He has also been in shows like ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Netflix‘s Dear White People, and The Boys, a drama about superheroes. The 64-year-old is also known for being in a few Spike Lee movies and for being in The Jungle Book, which came out in 2016. And he isn’t done with his excellent character Gus just yet. He has hinted that the cartel boss could get his show.

Giancarlo told Vulture: “I mean, even before Better Call Saul, I’ve always hoped there would be a show about Gustavo’s past. “I can’t wait to play the Gus, you see, but I don’t know, based on a picture I have in my head. I want you to know something, Gus.” It’s intriguing to know where he came from. I still believe that could happen.”


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