Who Is Ken Block? Rally Driver Dies At Age 55

Ken Block, a rally driver and YouTube star, died in a snowmobile accident Monday near his Utah ranch. The 55-year-old motorsport legend, who also helped start DC Shoes, had been posting videos on TikTok and other social media sites of him using a variety of specially made vehicles to clear snow from his ranch.

His wife, Lucy, and their three daughters will miss him. What we know about Block and his family is listed below.

How Did Ken Block Die?

Shortly before he died in a snowmobile accident, Block posted a picture of himself having fun in Utah.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said that Block was riding a snowmobile up a steep hill in Wasatch County when the vehicle flipped over and landed on him. At the scene, he was said to be dead.

Who Is Ken Block?
Who Is Ken Block?

The sheriff’s office also said that Block had been riding with a group before he died, but that he was alone when the crash happened.

Hoonigan Industries, the company that made Block’s clothes, also confirmed his death in an Instagram post on Monday.

On social media, the following was written: “We’re very sorry to say that Ken Block died today in a snowmobile accident. Ken was a leader, a visionary, and a pioneer. And above all, a father and husband. He will be missed very much.”

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Who Is Ken Block Wife?

Lucy, Ken Block’s wife, also likes to drive fast. She is a rally driver who competes in All-Wheel Drive (AWD) races.

Lucy has always been there for her husband during his successful racing career. She posted a picture of her husband’s racing helmet on Instagram after he died on Monday.

Who Is Ken Block Wife?

Lucy has a business called Luna’s Kitchen that she runs when she is not racing.

The food entrepreneur has a kitchen and bakery in Park City, Utah, that is 100% gluten-free and serves people on dairy-free, keto, paleo, and vegan diets.

Lucy wrote on her business’s Facebook page: “We are trying to add more things to our menu so that we can meet the needs of people with different diets. No matter what it is, it has to taste good.”

When did Ken Block get married to Lucy?

Before they got married in July 2004, Ken and Lucy had been dating for a few years. It is said that the couple lived together for more than 15 years.

How Many Children Do Both Have?

Ken and Lucy had three daughters together. They are mostly kept out of the limelight. The names and ages of two of their children have never been shared.

Lia, the couple’s 16-year-old oldest daughter, followed in her parent’s footsteps by also becoming a rally driver. Since she was 11 years old, Lia has been racing with Hoonigan Racing, which is her father’s motorsport team.

Ken Block’s Career

Block started rallying professionally in 2005. In his first year, he raced for Vermont SportsCar and won Rally America’s Rookie of the Year award. He then signed with Subaru.

The next year, he won a bronze medal at the first-ever X Games rally event and came in second at the 2006 Rally America National Championship.

In 2007, he had another good year. He came in second at the X Games and third at the national championship. In 2008 and 2013, he finished second overall, but he never won the competition.

Block also finished on the podium several times in the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Global Rallycross Championship. He also tried other sports besides rallying, like motocross, skateboarding, and snowboarding, and did well in those as well.

In 2010, he started the Monster World Rally Team, which became the Hoonigan Racing Division later on.

Ken Block’s YouTube And Television

Block got a lot of attention for his “Gymkhana” YouTube series, in which he did dangerous driving stunts.

The series had 10 episodes, and it didn’t take long for him to get more than 2 million subscribers.

In 2009, Block made his first appearance on Top Gear, which helped him become more popular in the UK. He let James May drive on his stunt course at Inyokern Airport in California in the style of a Gymkhana. Block and Matt LeBlanc made doughnuts near the Cenotaph while filming for a 2016 episode that was never shown. The BBC had to say sorry because of this.

Block was also in four different racing video games that EA Sports made.

Ken Block’s Brands of Clothes

Together with designer Damon Way and Clayton Blehm, Black started DC Shoes in June 1994.

After selling his share of the company, one of the world’s most well-known skate brands, Block turned his attention to Hoonigan Industries, which makes clothes for motorsport fans.

At the company, he was called “Head Hoonigan in Charge.”

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