Who Is Katie Feeney Dating? Is the Couple Still Together in 2022?

Katie Feeney gained fame by being a TikTok star and she has grown a sizable account over the period. Her dance moves, unboxing, and DIY videos have made Feeney a popular face on social media. She has evolved into a successful model since the star has been a part of several campaigns. Born on 16th August 2002, Katie Feeney is a resident of Washington, DC. The fame of the 21 years old Katie had made her the point of interest of every fan. Currently, fans are highly interested to know who Katie Feeney is dating. Since the star always shares much of her life on social media, the fans miss her life updates. So, is Katie Feeney dating someone?

Katie Feeney’s Dating Life: Know about her lover

Katie never failed to share her love life with her followers. The fans were surprised when Katie introduced her boyfriend, Sean Yamada. The couple began their dating life in 2018 and in reality, both Sean and Katie are childhood friends. They first got to know each other when both were only four years old. Gradually, they started having feelings for each other and when both of them entered eighth grade, they became serious about each other. Sean plays college football. And on 24th May 2021, they even went on a Washington D.C. prom night. Fans had often seen them cozy and romantic on social media; fans undoubtedly adored them.

Did Katie Feeney and Sean Yamada Break Up?

The couple that was once your inspiration may have broken up. Since 28th July 2021, fans have noticed that Katie isn’t posting any pictures with her boyfriend. Though fans didn’t take it seriously, slowly things were getting certain. But later, while answering the questions in a Q & A video, Katie confirmed their break up to her fans. This did really break the hearts of the fans. The information about their break-up was announced publicly on 24th February 2022 and all her followers were taken aback.

One fan commented, “My mouth and heart dropped when I heard her announce she was no longer seeing Sean.”

Another added, “That’s terribly sad.”

 However, Katie is a strong individual who is always working towards her dreams. Even after her break-up, she picked herself up and embraced the situation like a true lady.

The main reason for their break up is said to be lack of time. Sean Yamada enrolled in the Susquehanna University of Pennsylvania which is located quite a distance from Katie’s educational institute. After attending classes, studying, and having some self-time, Katie and Sean were failing to find time with each other. The couple did break up but they are still friends and on good terms.  They share deep respect and love that can never be replaced.

 Who Is Katie Feeney Dating now?

 Katie has always been a private person but she will never forget to update her fans on any important news. Recently, there have been rumors about Katie being in a relationship with Jack Hurley. Little to no details are known about Jack but fans believe that the romance is thriving between the two. Since Katie is a full-time YouTuber and TikTok video maker, fans are highly interested to know all the secrets. 

On 16tth August 2022, fans noticed Jack Hurley, an athlete and baseball player, wishing Katie a happy birthday. But he did so by uploading a series of cute photos of the two on his social media account. This doesn’t confirm or deny whether Katie is dating him or not but if you have to listen to the fans, they are secretly dating. The alleged couple hasn’t addressed the rumors as of now. In fact, Katie is still maintaining her single status and keeping everything hush-hush. So, if Jack and Katie are dating, fans will be interested to find out more about how it all started and how it is been going. For now, we can say that Katie might be secretly dating and who knows when she will confirm the news.

What do you think about Katie Feeney’s relationship status?

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