Who Is Erin Krakow Dating Now? Her Relationship Status!

If you have ever been stuck in a hotel room for more than two days, you know that Hallmark is the only good channel you can watch. The network is known for its romantic dramas, hokie mystery series, and ultimate Christmas movie collections.

It also has only the best B-list actors who have been in movies with Betty White and other big names. Erin Krakow is one of these actresses. After replacing Poppy Drayton as Elizabeth Thatcher on When Calls the Heart, Erin got her spot on the Hallmark channel.

Erin has been involved in drama on and off the set of When Calls the Heart for about seven seasons, and fans want to know how her love life is outside of the show.

Who Is Erin Krakow dating?

Sources say that Erin is dating Daniel Lissing, who played Jack Thornton on the TV show. He was in the news before because of rumors about the same thing. But, let’s face it, Erin and Daniel have never dated. No matter their relationship, it stays on screen and is all business. Also, don’t forget that Daniel and Nadia have been married since 2020. Even though Erin still talks to Daniel, she is invited to their wedding.

who Is Erin Krakow Dating Now?
Who Is Erin Krakow Dating Now? (Source)

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Who Is Erin Krakow?

Erin Krakow is a pretty actress who works for hallmark. She is a well-known American actress and producer. She played Tanya Gabriel on the TV show “Army Wives” and Elizabeth Thornton on the Hallmark show “When Calls the Heart.”

When she started working at Hallmark, she took Poppy Drayton’s place as Elizabeth Thatcher. When Calls the Heart is now in its seventh season, and Krakow has been a source of both on-screen and off-screen drama for the show. Her love life is interesting to all her fans and people who want to know what’s going on with her off-screen.

Who Is Erin Krakow’s Husband In Real Life?

Pretty Erin isn’t yet married. But she had been with someone before. But she hasn’t given anyone her ring yet. Erin isn’t married and doesn’t want her personal life to be discussed.

Still, we keep the fans up to date with whatever news we have. So, no one knows what’s going on with her love life. The rumors about Krakow’s dating life are just that for now. She posts a lot on Instagram, with more than 500,000 followers. She follows 235 people on Instagram, and her bio says, “Proudly making up stories on the prairie!”

What About Krakow & Her ‘WCTH’ Co-star Ben Rosenbaum?

Again, this is just another rumor that Krakow’s fans spread because they want to know about his love life. Talking about Ben Rosenbaum, the actor who plays Michael Hickam on the show doesn’t seem to be dating Erin off-screen, but the character he plays will have a love story in the future. Other than that, Erin and Ben have nothing romantic going on between them.

Why Does Erin Hide The Fact That She Is In A Relationship?

It seems like Erin is single or is probably trying to hide a secret relationship. Erin is loved by a lot of people, though. Even if she doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, she has a passionate love story with Jack through Elizabeth Thatcher and gets all the love from Hearties.

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