Is Anyone Dating Demi Lovato? See Her Past Romantic Timeline!

Self-love is more crucial than loving others, as Demi Lovato is well aware.

The “Substance” singer and composer learned the hard way that loving herself was the key to having healthy relationships from her days on Disney’s Sonny With a Chance as a kid to becoming a full-blown megastar in the spotlight. In 2020, Lovato even put out a song inspired by her motto. In “Insightful lyrics from her song “I Love Me” include, “After all the times I went and f**ked it up,” “I wonder when I love me is enough,” and “Why am I always looking for a ride or die?”

Her 2017 documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated focused on her longest relationship to that time and the things she took away from it.

Some of the things I’ve learned include: “Secrets make you sick; I’m learning how to be a voice and not a victim; sex is normal; love is vital; grief is unavoidable, and loneliness is awful;” “…she said. “The secret to happiness, I’ve found, is speaking the truth and accepting the fact that you may never have all the answers.

Examining Demi Lovato’s past relationships—with both male and female partners—can provide light on the source of her sage advice.

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What are Demi Lovato’s pronouns?

In the summer of 2022, Lovato revealed that she and they are the pronouns they like to use. Lovato announced a year ago that she preferred just they/them pronouns and did not identify with any gender paradigm.

She said on the Spout podcast, “Last year, my energy was balanced in my male and feminine energy since I’m such a fluid person when it comes to my gender, my sexuality, my music, and my creativity.”

Lovato has been open about her pansexuality.

I was really closeted off and I think that’s why I’m so fluid today,” she stated on The Joe Rogan Experience. “The LGBTQIA+ subculture has been referred to as the “alphabet mafia,” if you ask around. Proudly, I belong to the criminal organization known as the alphabet.”

Is Demi Lovato single?

Lovato might no longer be available as of August 2022. A source close to Lovato told PEOPLE that she and her new beau were trying to keep their relationship under wraps.

About the couple, the insider stated, “There is a lot of joy and vitality in this partnership. Really, he’s just a fantastic human being.”

The Daily Mail received photos of Lovato’s new boyfriend, Canadian rap-punk musician Jordan Lutes. The 23-year-old Lutes, who goes by the stage name Jutes or “Jute$,” collaborated with Lovato on the song “Substance” for her upcoming album Holy Fvck, which is scheduled for release on August 19, 2022. At the same time that photos of Lovato and Lutes holding hands in New York City surfaced the week her album dropped, the singer was also seen wearing a leather jacket covered in allusions to the songs on the record.

A few days later, the couple was seen together in another photo. They have such a sweet appearance.

Does Demi Lovato have a husband?

Lovato has never been married and does not have a husband. Despite this, she was briefly engaged to actor Max Ehrich in early 2020.

The rumors of their relationship began in early 2020, but it wasn’t confirmed until March. The couple became engaged in July, after spending the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine together. Lovato wrote, “It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand but happily you did too,” in an Instagram post of Ehrich’s proposal that has since been deleted. Other than my parents, I’ve never felt so accepted and loved by another person despite my many shortcomings. You’ve never tried to force me to alter who I am for anyone. And I want to be the best person I can be because of you.

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What happened with Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato?

Both Ehrich and Lovato broke up their engagement shortly after it began. In September of 2020, the pair broke up, and Ehrich said he read about the breakup in a tabloid. Lovato’s inner circle refuted the report, and a few days later she released “Still Have Me,” a breakup ballad.

Lovato announced her engagement to Ehrich against her better judgment in March of 2021.

Because I chose to ignore my gut feeling in the face of so many warning signs, I realized I had only myself to blame and wondered, “How am I ever going to trust again?” “she revealed in Glamour “But in all honesty, I said to myself, “B**ch, you should have trusted yourself. You wouldn’t be here now if you had faith in yourself; instead, you brought this on yourself.

She grew from the experience, but she didn’t shut down as a result. “I have a really unguarded heart. Even while I’m paying close attention to my gut instincts, that doesn’t mean I’m letting down my guard or lowering my boundaries “the woman declared. “It’s just a fancy way of saying my antennae are up and my eyes are wide open.”

Are Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus a couple?

There were rumors of a relationship between Lovato and Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister and a successful artist in her own right, in early 2021.

They were apparently only hooking up for fun when they were caught holding hands in the summer of 2021. In July, a source told E! News that the two were “hanging out” and “enjoying each other’s company,” but that they were “not exclusively dating by any means.”

According to the insider, the spark between Noah and Lovato was their mutual appreciation for music and creativity. A source close to Lovato said that she always made it known that she preferred to stay unmarried.

In any case, Lovato is rumored to be dating a male-identifying musician as of the summer of 2022, so it seems like things between them may have burned out quickly.

How long did Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato date?

On-screen, Lovato co-starred with the Jonas Brothers in both Camp Rock movies. Her feelings for Joe Jonas blossomed on the set of the sequel, and she later gushed that he was her “best friend” and “perfect gentleman.” The couple finally made their relationship public, but it wouldn’t last. After only a month or so together, Jonas told Us Weekly, “Before starting a relationship with Demi, I was aware of the potential difficulties we could face together. After all this time together, I’ve come to appreciate our friendship more than I ever have before. I still adore her as a friend, despite our breakup being mutually decided upon. I can always count on her to be there for me. Because of this, she can count on me to always be her buddy and support system.”

After only dating for a short time (a few of months at most), Lovato admitted to having a crush on Jonas from the moment they met while watching archival footage from the first Camp Rock and its 2017 sequel.