Who Is “Bling Empire” Star, Kelly Mi Li’s New Boyfriend And Who Told Her She Is Not “My Type”?

Bling Empire Kelly Boyfriend: Kelly Mi Li a star of Bling Empire said on season 3 that she has “finally found love” after all the drama in her previous relationship with Andrew Gray. However she has kept the identity of her new boyfriend completely a secret.

As Netflix users talk more and more about the third season, many want to know more about Kelly’s boyfriend. She told us that he is Chinese and “amazing,” but that’s all we know about him so far. Kelly Mi Li went to relationship counseling often when she was with her ex-boyfriend Andrew, who she no longer talks to. Since they broke up in 2021, she has even changed her phone number.

Here you can read everything about Kelly Mi Li’s new boyfriend and About Her previous relationship be with us till the end.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, but she moved to Chicago when her mother got a job at the University of Illinois. Mi Li’s mother raised her alone in the United States, trying to give her a better life. When Mi Li was 18, she went to work in New York for a life insurance company. After that, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in the food and drink business and in real estate development. She eventually got into tech investing after a string of successes in the field, such as turning Jim Morrison’s old house into an exclusive speakeasy.

Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray Broke Up In 2021

In the first season of Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li was going out with Andrew. He showed up at a party Kelly was going to with her co-stars in season 3, but they broke up in March 2021 when they both posted statements on their Instagram pages.

Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray Broke Up In 2021
Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray Broke Up In 2021

After spending more than five years together they said goodbye less than a year after getting back together in June 2020. By the end of the first season they were back together, but they soon told each other that they were breaking up off-screen.

In therapy, the couple tried to figure out how to deal with their problems. Kelly told Popsugar that she will “always treasure the memories they made” and that they are now focusing on being the best versions of themselves as individuals.

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Who Is Kelly Mi Li’s New Boyfriend After She Breakup With Andrew Gray?

Kelly said on season 3 of Bling Empire that she has “finally found love.” Even though she hadn’t told her friends about him yet while they were filming the star said he is Chinese and called him “amazing.”

She said to ET:

“I definitely found the one. It’s true when you find the one you just know… there are still really good guys out there. I can list and list, he’s literally everything I have ever wanted.”

Kane Lim set up a date for the star with a man named John, but it didn’t work out. Kelly and the artist went on two dates together. On their first date, they ate ramen, but they didn’t feel a strong connection.

Kelly isn’t the only one to have recently found love and taken herself off the market. Kevin has also said that he is in a relationship. This comes after he and a certain someone got back together.

Who Is Kevin Kreider, Is He Related To Kelly Mi Li?

Kevin Kreider, whose full name is Kevin Taejin Kreider, was born on August 21, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea, to a Korean family. At that time, he was 38 years old. Theresa Adams took him in when he was three years old and brought him to the United States. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he and his brother Luke Kreide went to school.

Did Kevin Kreider And Kelly Date?

After Kevin Kreider said he would date Kelly in season 1, they went on one date. He told her that he would date her if she were single, but she was still seeing her ex, Andrew, so Kevin and Kelly decided to stay friends. Kelly went on a date with the model during one of Kelly and Andrew’s breaks. At the end of the season, she went back to Andrew’s apartment and Kevin started to look at co-star Kim Lee.

Kevin has moved on from his short relationship with Kim, who told him he wasn’t her type.

Final Words

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Kelly Mi Li

How tall is Kelly Mi Li?

She is 166 centimeters tall.

What is Kelly Mi Li’s age?

As of 2022, she will be 36 years old.

Are Andrew and Kelly Mi Li still together?

Kelly and Andrew said they were splitting up in March 2021. Kelly wrote on Instagram that she thought a lot of Andrew and loved him very much, even though they were no longer together.

What does Kelly Mi Li do for work?

Kelly works as a business owner, a film producer and an actress.

Kelly Mi Li is from China?

Kelly was born in China, but she and her mother moved to the U.S.