Where Was The Noel Diary Filmed? Jovial Filming Locations Explored!

Where Was The Noel Diary Filmed? Christmas movies are beginning to appear on various streaming providers as December draws near. The Noel Diary, the newest addition to Netflix‘s lineup of holiday movies, stars Barrett Doss of Station-19 fame and This Is Us actor Justin Hartley as two men who unexpectedly meet paths.

The Noel Diary, which is set in the state of Connecticut, is a beautiful winter warmer of a film, but precisely where was it shot, and did it actually use places in the state where it was set?

The Noel Diary Release Date and Plot Preview

On November 24, 2022, Netflix released The Noel Diary. The movie, which is based on Richard Paul Evans’ novel of the same name, follows best-selling author Jake Turner as he makes a Christmas visit to his house to settle his estranged mother’s estate.

When Jake comes into an ancient diary, he learns that it is filled with information about both his own past and the past of Rachel, a fascinating lady on a different mission. They set out on a discovery-filled adventure together, and by facing their individual pasts, they uncover an entirely unexpected future.

Who Stars in The Noel Diary on Netflix?

If you like watching This Is Us, you’ll be pleased to learn that Justin Hartley’s character, Kevin Pearson, will play Jake Turner, the main character in The Noel Diary. This is the star’s first major function since the end of the adored NBC series.

Where Was The Noel Diary Filmed
Where Was The Noel Diary Filmed

As Rachel, who is the love interest of the actor’s character, Barrett Doss stands opposite the performer. The whole cast is listed below:

  • Justin Hartley as Jake Turner
  • Barrett Doss as Rachel
  • Bonnie Bedelia
  • James Remar
  • Essence Atkins

Along with Norman Stephens and Andrew Gernhard, Hartley will also serve as an executive producer on the movie. Timothy O. Johnson, Stephanie Slack, and Margret H. Huddleston are among the project’s producers.

Where Was The Noel Diary Filmed?

The US state of Connecticut serves as the backdrop for various scenes from The Noel Diary. The Noel Diary has a satisfying sense of realism because it was shot in the same place as the scenario. What isn’t authentic, though, is that the movie’s shooting took place between May and June of 2021, which means it was shot in a summer heatwave rather than the dead of winter.

Connecticut residents may recognise a handful of the film’s locales, including the centre house, which is allegedly meant to be in nearby Bridgeport but is actually located on Westport’s Washington Avenue.

However, Bridgeport is mentioned in the movie because Jake’s book signing, which reportedly took place in Chicago, was held at the Mechanics & Farmers Savings Bank. During filming, RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison was also mentioned because it served as the location of the bookstore where Rachel purchases Jake’s first novel.

The town hall in New Canaan served as the downtown of the fictional town of Maple Falls, while The Griswold Inn in Essex acted as the Maple Falls Inn in the movie. And lastly, one of Jake and Rachel’s first dates took place at Remo’s Italian restaurant in Stamford.

Filming was supposed to have taken place in Vancouver, Canada, but owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, the production team was forced to relocate, which led to the majority of the movie being made in Connecticut.

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