Where To Watch The Night Court Reboot?

The original NBC comedy show Night Court ran for nine seasons, from 1984 to 1992. It starred magician, comedian, and actor Harry Anderson as irreverent Judge Harry Stone, who ran late-night court sessions in a Manhattan courtroom.

John Larroquette, who played prosecutor Dan Fielding, Markie Post, who played public defender Christine Sullivan, Charles Robinson, who played court clerk “Mac” Robinson, and Richard Moll and Selma Diamond, who played bailiffs, Bull Shannon and Selma Hacking, also joined the cast.

A new version of Night Court, with Melissa Rauch as Harry’s daughter and the new judge Abby Stone, was just announced. The official trailer for the Night Court reboot shows that it will have the same tone as the original, with the defendants giving the judge, prosecutor, defense, and bailiffs material for jokes. The new season of Night Court starts on Jan. 17 with back-to-back episodes. To Know Everything about The Night Court Reboot, Scroll Down Below..

Will Netflix Have The Night Court Reboot??

The new version of Night Court won’t be on Netflix, at least not yet.

Where To Watch The Night Court Reboot ?
Where To Watch The Night Court Reboot?

In the Night Court reboot, Rauch will play Abby Stone, India de Beaufort will play prosecutor Olivia, and Lacretta will play bailiff Donna “Gurgs” Gurganous. Anderson, Post, and Diamond are the original cast members who have died. So far, only Larroquette has been confirmed to be back from the original cast. However, Moll is still alive, healthy, and working in Hollywood, so it’s possible that he could also come back for the Night Court reboot.

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Where To Watch The Night Court Reboot?

The Night Court reboot will air on NBC on Tuesdays at 8/7c, just like the original show. NBC’s website and Hulu will have the most recent episodes to stream.

Rauch is best known for her role as Bernadette on “The Big Bang Theory,” while Lauretta is known for her roles in Broadway hits like “The Book of Mormon” and “Avenue Q.”

She told Movieweb about her move from the stage to TV, “I remember the first guest star I did. I was so nervous, and I knew that because it was being filmed, I couldn’t play to the back of the house because it would be too big. So I found myself stiff and barely moving my mouth, and they told me, “No, no, no, you can relax. You don’t have to be that still!” I have learned a lot since then… Now, doing Night Court from the stage felt like coming full circle because I could play to the back of the house.

With a mix of old and new characters, the Night Court reboot is a continuation and a revival of the original show. This gives the writers a lot of room to play with in the future.

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