Where To Watch Are You The One Season 9?

Get ready, because on January 18, a brand new season of Are You The One will be out. You did read that correctly. After being off the air for more than three years, the popular reality TV show is back with its ninth season. If you want to know where you can watch season 9 of Are You The One, we’ve got you covered right here.

Are You The One was a popular dating show on MTV. When the first season started in January 2014, everyone was excited to find out what it was about. The reality show then went on for seven more seasons. The eighth season will start in June 2019. But when the COVID-19 pandemic happened in 2020, the show had to stop.

We didn’t know that there would be a ninth season until March 2022. During that time, we found out that season 9 of Are You the One would be a global edition. Later, it came out that the contestants would go to Gran Canaria, Spain, during the ninth season. It was also announced that Terrence J. will be replaced as host by TV personality Kamie Crawford.

In season 9 of “Are You the One,” a group of lucky singles from all over the world go through a “extensive matchmaking process” to find their perfect partner. Then, while living together, the contestants have to find all the perfect matches in the house to win a share of $1 million.

Will Netflix Have Season 9 of “Are You the One?”

When the ninth season comes out on Jan. 18, you won’t be able to stream it on Netflix. But Netflix might be able to get the rights to show the ninth season at some point in the future.

We’ve seen this before when Netflix had multiple seasons of Are You The One to stream. As of January 9, Are You the One seasons 4 and 6 can be watched on Netflix. We’ll let you know if and when the ninth season is added to the streaming giant. Next You check where to watch Are you the one season 9?


Where To Watch Are You The One Season 9?

Paramount+ is the only place you’ll be able to watch season 9 of “Are You the One?” After eight seasons on MTV, the reality TV show decided to move to Paramount+ for its ninth season.

Where To Watch Are You The One Season 9?
Where To Watch Are You The One Season 9?

The cast list was made public. Here are all of the contestants on Are You The One season 9 according to Deadline:

  • Anissa Aguilar / U.S
  • Brooke Rachman / U.S.
  • Ciara “CC” Cortez / U.S.
  • Courtney Rowe / U.K.
  • Danielle Bonaparte / U.S.
  • Dew Anderson / Spain
  • Jordanne Deveaux / U.S.
  • Julia-Ruth Smith / New Zealand
  • Mijntje Lupgens / Netherlands
  • Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe / Ireland
  • Taylor Kelly / U.S.
  • Aqel Carson / U.S.
  • Brendan Mosca / Australia
  • Clayton Carey / Australia
  • Eduardo Dickson Jr. / U.S.
  • Hamudi Hasoon / New Zealand
  • Leo Svete / U.S.
  • Michael “Mikey” Owusu / U.K.
  • Nathan Grant / U.K.
  • Oliver “Ollie” Andersen / U.K.
  • Shamal “Samuel” Khan / U.K.
  • William Gagnon / U.S.

Final Lines
Season 9 of “Are You the One” will be available on Paramount+ on January 18. Will you be watching?

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