WhatsApp’s Business Subscription Service Launches

Service that combines instant messaging and phone calls The WhatsApp premium subscription service has not yet made its official debut. However, it is now available to users who are participating in the beta test.

According to GSM Arena, this indicates that only individuals who are part of the WhatsApp beta program will have access to the Premium menu. This menu is where all of the additional features can be found.

WhatsApp's Business Subscription Service Launches
WhatsApp’s Business Subscription Service Launches

According to WABetainfo, the premium subscription will be geared toward businesses which means that the majority of the features that require payment won’t be of much use to the typical user. Users of the premium account are reportedly granted the ability to personalize the contact link that is associated with their WhatsApp account.

This link can only be updated once every three months. Instead of having to type in a phone number customers can use this method which is meant to make locating a specific company much simpler for them. Users of Telegram have the ability to do something analogous by sending one another a link to direct contact.

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In addition, the premium version of the app will support simultaneous connections from up to ten different devices to the same account. Employees will be able to connect and manage the business account using this method. Last but not least users have the ability to make a video call with up to 32 additional participants.

WhatsApp’s Business Subscription Service Launches

Due to the fact that the functionality is still in beta, WhatsApp has not yet issued an official statement or made an announcement. As a result, neither the pricing nor the launch date of the new subscription service is currently known.

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