What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out

What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out?

The latest top 25 rankings are in and another week of college football action is in the books. Both the AP top 25 and the Coaches Poll are weekly official rankings at this point in the season.

The CFP semifinal teams and New Year’s bowl matchups will be determined by the selection committee’s final top 25 rankings which will be released later in the season, beginning in November. In case you haven’t already heard, here is this week’s rankings schedule.

Rankings Of College Football Teams: When The Top 25 Polls Are Announced

After all eligible coaches have voted for the top 25 teams, the Coaches Poll will be released on Sunday at approximately 1 p.m. Eastern time. As soon as the AP has counted all of the ballots from its voters which is expected to be around 2 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, it will release its official top 25 rankings.

What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out
What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out

Bear in mind that these are just estimates and that the ranking services are sometimes up to 15 minutes early or late each week. Both polls are typically released around the times listed, though delays may occur if ballots arrive late or if there are technical issues in calculating the results.

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Methods Used To Determine AP’s Top 25

A panel of AP-approved voters compiles a list of the 25 teams they believe represent the best in the country. Then, the best team receives 25 points and the other teams receive fewer. To the second-best team, they assign the next-lowest number and so on.

What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out
What Time Does The AP Poll Come Out
  • No. 1 team: 25 points
  • No. 2 team: 24
  • No. 3 team: 23
  • No. 4 team: 22
  • No. 5 team: 21
  • No. 6 team: 20
  • No. 7 team: 19
  • No. 8 team: 18
  • No. 9 team: 17
  • No. 10 team: 16
  • No. 11 team: 15
  • No. 12 team: 14
  • No. 13 team: 13
  • No. 14 team: 12
  • No. 15 team: 11
  • No. 16 team: 10
  • No. 17 team: 9
  • No. 18 team: 8
  • No. 19 team: 7
  • No. 20 team: 6
  • No. 21 team: 5
  • No. 22 team: 4
  • No. 23 team: 3
  • No. 24 team: 2
  • No. 25 team: 1
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