What Happened To Lil Tay? The Story Of a Social Media Phenomenon

Lil Tay is a Canadian rapper and YouTube Star. She is most known for her collaborations with well-known celebrities such as Jake Paul and Lil Pump. The young star is particularly famous for her friendship with social media sensation “Woah Vicky.”

Lil Tay surpassed over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and earned herself the title of “Youngest Flexer of the Century.” She began her music career at an early age. Lil collaborated with Pay The Price Records to release her debut single, “Money Way” in March 2018.

What Happened To Lil Tay?

Lil Tay virtually vanished during the summer of 2018 after months of posting daily content to her social media pages. According to the Daily Beast, the rapper’s Instagram claimed that her father, Christopher Hope, forced her to return to Vancouver after he filed a court motion.

Angela Tian, Lil Tay’s mother, informed the publication that the couple had been estranged since their daughter was a year old, hinting that their relationship was strained.

What Happened To Lil Tay?

“He threatened to have my mother arrested if we didn’t return,” the preteen told The Daily Beast. “I had not seen him for several years. Since he hasn’t seen me for so long, it’s clear he’s only returned because he wants money.”

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When the court ordered her to return to Canada, Chris’s agent, Harry Tsang, informed the source that the father’s goal was not to profit monetarily from his daughter but rather to accomplish three things. “First and foremost, no more ridiculous videos of Tay cursing. Second, a Tay-specific trust fund will get 25% of gross income. According to him, the third factor is that her operation and public image must be structured.

On April 21, 2021, Tay’s Instagram account posted “bad news” about Tay, causing fans to become concerned for her well-being. People immediately took to Twitter to express their concerns, despite the absence of any official confirmation.

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