Shetland Season 7 All Latest Updates

Douglas Henshall’s exit as DI Jimmy Perez raises doubts about his character’s path in Shetland season 6, which is nearing its conclusion.

Shetland season 7 will be a sad reunion for fans of the popular BBC crime drama, as it marks the show’s final appearance of DI Jimmy Perez.

Shetland fans are counting down the days till the return of the BBC drama for Shetland season 7, which is now only a few weeks away.

Shetland season 6 recaps reveal that the Shetland Islands’ determined detective was jailed in front of his crew in a very terrible ending to the season.

The “unlawful death” of Donna Killick, a familiar but unwelcome figure from season 4, led to Jimmy’s arrest as he stood there, seemingly resigned to his destiny.

After a letter was issued stating that if Donna was discovered dead in this manner, it would be deemed murder, Duncan helped Donna take her own life and Jimmy helped cover it up.

Even though Duncan was unable to help Jimmy, he eventually turned himself in and was arrested for his part in the crime.

The destiny of Jimmy’s character is in jeopardy with the recent revelation that his actor, Douglas Henshall, is departing the program after the upcoming season Shetland Season 7.