Outlander Season 7 Might Be The Final Season

The Outlander season 7, the time-traveling drama which is produced by Starz, is now being filmed in Scotland with actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

The fictional pair known as Jamie and Claire Fraser is now filming a super-sized season that will consist of 16 episodes and will cover the conclusion of the sixth novel

The Outlander Season 7 is presently being shot at Pollok Park in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as in the show’s purpose-built studio in Cumbernauld.

“There are a few tentative inferences that may be drawn. However, we won’t know for sure until much farther down the line,” Gabaldon said in an interview with The Times.

Both Balfe and Heughan were first considered for the parts over ten years ago. In addition, the contracts that both performers have signed only extend through Outlander season 7.

Sam Heughan has confessed that he could “definitely envision Outlander without me” in light of the recent news that Starz would be extending the Outlander world with a new spinoff series.

She feels that the series will continue “as long as the scripts continue to be strong” and as long as there are “still fresh topics to explore.”