Melanie Rauscher Dead at 35

Melanie Rauscher, a former participant on “Naked and Afraid,” was discovered dead on July 17 near Prescott, Arizona

The report states that Rauscher was providing dog watching services at a property in Prescott while the owners of the home were away on vacation.

The homeowners reportedly returned to the residence and discovered Rauscher dead on a bed in the guest room, according to the authorities at the Prescott Police Department.

Jeremy McCaa, who formerly worked with Rauscher, recently paid a touching homage to the “swamp wife” and “best friend” on his Facebook page.

“We had such a synergy on the show, and it bloomed into a relationship that is beyond anything words could convey,”

Even though we weren’t related by blood, we were nonetheless a family. I knew I could rely on her no matter what.

There were countless times when all we did was support one another by just being present. She was my lovely wife, a best friend, a strong lady, and a great person

You were taken from us far too quickly and you were taken away from us too soon. You’ll always be my Mel. I’m going to miss seeing you, but I know we’ll meet again someday.

In 2017, Rauscher was a guest on the seventh season of the reality show broadcast on the Discovery Channel.