Who Is Waz Addy Wife? Uncovering His Girlfriend Identity!

Naked and Afraid, Naked and Afraid XL, and Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing are just a few of the Discovery Channel programs that Waz Addy has featured in as a television personality and survivalist. He is a military veteran from Sydney, Australia, and a former professional rugby player. Waz Addy was born in Sydney, Australia, on January 22, 1981. Although he was raised in a close-knit household, he has not spoken much about his parents or siblings.

He graduated from a neighbourhood university after attending a neighbourhood high school. He was always interested in sports and adventure, and for a while, he was a professional rugby player. Certainly, I’ll stay connected and actively participate as we explore the topic of Waz Addy’s Wife further. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or ask any questions, and I’ll be here to support you throughout our discussion. Let’s embark on this exploration together!

Waz Addy Wife

Waz did indeed once have a wife. He hasn’t given many specifics about it, although it’s been said that he was married to a woman named Jordana Addy. However, it is unknown when the pair tied the knot or got divorced. The couple share two kids — Baylee Grace Addy and Tayla Mae Addy.

Waz Addy Wife

The reality TV star frequently shares photos of his kids on social media. Waz makes an effort to spend time with his children, taking them on picnics and father-daughter dates. Overall, despite no longer being married to his wife, Waz is a loving father to his kids.

Who Is Waz Addy Girlfriend?

Waz still has a girlfriend named Laura Klug despite his divorce. It’s unclear when they started dting, but Waz posted their social media photo together. He has frequently shared photos of himself with his fiancée since then, raving about how much he loves her. For example, he captioned a photo of him and her from January 2022 with, “There isn’t anything more that i can say except ‘blessed’.. i love this person more than words can describe.”

Similarly, in February 2022, he gushed about how Klug was his safe space. He wrote, “There aren’t enough words to adequately describe the depth of the joy this human brings to my life. i know i don’t deserve it but i can’t live without it. she provides me with the safest and most pure space to just be me and grow organically. thank you my queen!! i hope that i can give half of that back to you.”

Likewise, in May of 2022. he admitted, “i’ve written and rewritten this too many times but i can’t get close to doing this amazing moment justice so i’ll just keep it simple..”

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Waz Addy Career

Waz’s career has been diverse and interesting, spanning everything from sports to television. He played for several teams in his native Australia where he started his professional rugby career. For a while, Addy was a member of the military. Later, Addy developed into a survivalist and television personality, participating in numerous reality competitions that tested his stamina and skills in a range of circumstances. In 2013, he made his television debut on Naked and Afraid, spending 21 days in the Costa Rican jungle with his girlfriend Carrie Booze.

Following that, Addy made a comeback in 2015 for Naked and Afraid XL, when she and nine other survivalists spent 40 days in the Colombian badlands. In the adventure-themed miniseries Samanyu NPC: Nag Hotel Arc from 2022, Addy portrays Waz. He has agreed to spend 40 days on Naked and Afraid XL12 in the perilous and icy wilderness of Montana with three other veterans. For the nonprofit First Responder Task Force, which is led by veterans and offers clean water to impoverished communities, Addy serves as the state coordinator.

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