New Faces Of WatchOS 9, Workout Features And Quick Reference Guide!

Users of an Apple Watch Series 4 or later can now download watchOS 9. New running metrics, updated watch faces, an AFib History tool, expanded sleep tracking data and a medication management app are just a few of the additions introduced in Apple’s latest software update for the Apple Watch. Recent announcements have also hinted at the arrival of a low-power mode.

Because these updates are compatible with previous Apple Watch models, current users may use many of the features we anticipate seeing in the recently announced Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE (2022).

One of the reasons the Apple Watch is the best wristwatch year after year is likely to be watchOS. Everything you need to know about the new functions in watchOS 9 is below.

WatchOS 9 Quick Reference Guide: Essential New Watch Functions

  • NEW: Low power mode for Apple Watch Series 4 and later
  • Four new Apple Watch faces
  • Added running metrics
  • Track heart rate zones while working out
  • Atrial fibrillation history for those diagnosed with AFib
  • Support for six new keyboard languages
  • Sleep Stages tracking added to Sleep app
  • Family Setup adds HomeKit support
  • Notifications for medication management with the new Medications app
  • Slimline notification banners
  • Redesigned Calendar app
  • Redesigned further
  • Recent Quick Actions with AssistiveTouch

WatchOS 9 Release Date

The extended cut begins now. On September 12, 2022, watchOS 9 was released to the public. The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE will be released in four days and this availability comes just in time (2022). On September 23, you may purchase the Apple Watch Ultra, which is also compatible with watchOS 9.

WatchOS 9
WatchOS 9

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Which Apple Watch Models Will Be Compatible With WatchOS 9 Devices?

Apple gave us a curve ball about the hardware compatible with watchOS 9. Certainly, watchOS 9 would be coming to the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch SE. But the Apple Watch 3, which Apple continued to sell as new until August, will not receive the annual refresh. Once the Apple Watch 8 was introduced, Apple discontinued that model.

WatchOS 9 is available for the Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 6. The latest watchOS will, as always, be available at no additional cost. Apple’s software updates are available at no extra cost.

Read this article for all the details on whether or not your watch will work with Apple’s latest operating system, watchOS 9.

New Faces Of WatchOS 9

In watchOS 9 will find no more than four brand-new watch faces. The Lunar watch face, in addition to an upgraded Astronomy face, allows users to select to use a pre-modern calendar (like the Islamic calendar).

The other two are an animated digital clock called Playful, designed by 2D/3D illustrator Joi Fulton and the Metropolitan watch face, incorporating typography with a font that expands and several color possibilities.

We discussed the process that led to the creation of this lineup of expressions with Apple and Joi Fulton. Here’s a comprehensive look at the new watchOS nine faces. Moreover, you can pin your most frequently used applications and add complexities to various watch faces. The Portrait mode now also works with pets like dogs and cats.

WatchOS 9

Running and other Workout Features In WatchOS 9

If you’re looking for a running watch, the Apple Watch makes a strong argument compared to the top models. There are now more ways to track your running and improvement thanks to the proliferation of new running metrics. In addition to the standard data such as segments, splits and elevation, the new and improved live workout interface will also display your vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time.

Apple Watch users can now incorporate heart rate zones into their workout tracking. If you want to know how hard you’re working (and if you’re recuperating as you should be) during exercise, monitoring your heart rate zones is a great way to do it.

The new Custom workout tool will consider your heart rate zones. Incorporating a personalized exercise into your run can give you much-needed direction by sending you heart rate and distance-based wrist alerts. You will also run within sustainable limits with a power goal or target effort. Your Apple Watch may track your progress over time on a specific course if you run it frequently.

At long last, triathletes will have access to a new Multisport exercise type that can seamlessly switch between swimming, cycling, and running.

Sleep Cycles In WatchOS 9

Since its release two years ago, Apple Watch sleep tracking has gradually refined. With watchOS 9, the Sleep app keeps tabs on your sleep stages and cycles. The Apple Watch should now be able to determine your sleep location using data obtained from the accelerometer and heart rate monitor. This app can track your sleep stages and estimate when you wake up.

Apple also allows customers to participate in the Apple Heart and Movement Study by providing data on their sleep stages through the Research app, expanding the company’s efforts in sleep science. When you go to bed, your Apple Watch Series 8 or Ultra with the skin temperature reader will also record the temperature of your wrist.

WatchOS 9 AFib History

Those with an Apple Watch 4 or later (other than the Apple Watch SE) can track heart rhythms to look for indicators of atrial fibrillation. Patients diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) can now examine a record of their electrocardiograms (ECGs) to determine how often they experience AFib episodes.

Users can use the Health app to check if other lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, affect their risk of developing AFib. In addition, users can now share their AFib History records with their doctors, expanding on the medical sharing option introduced in 2017.

WatchOS 9

Medications App In WatchOS 9 

Now, an app for the Apple Watch called Medications allows users to keep tabs on their prescription regimen without ever taking their wrist off. Although the Health app will play a central role in the drug management experience, Apple Watch can be used to provide reminders or notifications to users.

You’ll be immediately alerted if there are any potential adverse effects or drug interactions with the medications you’ve added to the Health app. If you have a trusted friend or family member who helps you, they can also see your medication records.

WatchOS 9 Low Power Mode

The low-power mode for the Apple Watch was introduced alongside the Series 8 but is accessible for all watches running watchOS 9. The Apple Watch’s low power mode turns off many of its less essential functions to save power.

Swipe up on the control center and tap the battery % bubble to activate low power mode. Put it into power-saving mode.

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