How To Watch ‘Elvis’ Online: Stream The New Austin Butler Film At Home

Elvis may have died leaving behind many mourning fans, but his legacy is continuing. Austin Butler is playing the titular character for the rock and roll legend’s biopic named “Elvis”. Rolling Stone reviewed the movie as “Elvis, in the epic tradition of all of Luhrmann’s work, is a brash, overwhelming experience” and “It’s a carnival in movie form.” The film has earned $141 million to date and it has Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge and many other notable actors. The prolific star-studded cast makes this film a must-watch for not only Elvis lovers but also movie fans. Fans who have missed watching it in the theaters have been eagerly waiting to watch the film online. But how to watch “Elvis” online? You can watch the film whenever you want, on-demand, at home. Here is how you can easily watch “Elvis” online without wasting any time.

The Premiere Date of “Elvis”

The film “Elvis” has already been released way back. This biopic garnered love from a worldwide audience as soon as it made its way to the theaters. Well, “Elvis” dropped on 24th June 2022. 

Is “Elvis” Available Online?

It has been only a few months since the film was released in the theater. As a matter of fact, it usually takes time for a film to be available on an online platform since there are many formalities. But you will be happy to know that the film “Elvis” has already crossed those barriers and now you can watch the “Elvis” movie online on some of the streaming platforms.

How To Watch “Elvis” Online?

“Elvis” is available on multiple streaming platforms. So, here we have listed the top platforms on which “Elvis” is available:

Prime Video

Amazon Prime is one of the few destinations where you can stream the latest movie “Elvis”. Now, apart from Amazon subscriptions, the OTT platform also offers certain perks. For “Elvis”, you need to rent the film. For HD, it costs $19.99 and if you are willing to buy or download it in a higher quality, the digital UHD format, then you need to pay $24.99. However, please note that movie rentals are available to be watched within 30 days. The rental will expire after that. And you will also only have 48 hours to complete watching the entire film once the rental begins.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video


Well, “Elvis” is not available on HBO Max. Though max


 Warner Bros films are released on HBO Max soon after the theatrical release, Elvis didn’t end up in HBO Max. Usually, the HBO Max subscription costs around $14.99 per month but for now, it doesn’t have “Elvis” available for streaming.

Where Else Can Watch The Movie “Elvis” Online?

Audiences who do not have a subscription or have access to the popular streaming platform, Prime video yet may be looking out for options to watch “Elvis” online. The good news is that “Elvis” can also be streamed through other platforms. You can rent this celebratory musical drama at home only but this time through Vudu. Spent $24.99 to buy the film or rent it only for $19.99. Besides, one will also get exclusive access to many bonus features that no one has ever seen before. These are behind-the-scenes looks and efforts spent to make the movie. You will get a detailed insight into the concept, fashion plus “The Music and Artist Behind Elvis”. It will be a complete experience of glamour and fun.

Can You Watch “Elvis” Online For Free?

As of now, there is no way of watching the film “Elvis” online for free or at zero cost. Moreover, there aren’t any discounts that can help you save on subscriptions. So, you either have to take a subscription or watch the movie online by renting or buying it. Since the movie was just released, we think it might be available for free after a few days. Some theatres are still running the movie and so, it will affect the business if the film “Elvis” is made free so early.

We have detailed all the methods to watch “Elvis” online. Select the method that is most convenient for you and enjoy the show at your home.

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