Warwick Davis Cried Over His Wife’s Illness And Gathered The Kids To Say Goodbye

Warwick Davis sobbed uncontrollably as he sat next to the vacant hospital bed as a shiver of terror ran through his whole body. Sam, the wife of the Tenable star who had been married to him for 21 years was suffering from an unidentified disease that was later determined to be the potentially fatal infection sepsis and was on the verge of passing away.

In the year 2019, Sam was diagnosed with a potentially fatal sickness, and her loved ones rushed to be by her side in the hospital. Warwick, who was 52 years old at the time, struggled to have a positive attitude as she was being taken into the operating room for an emergency procedure, but she thought that he was saying goodbye.

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During an interview with The Sun, he said, “The following few hours were the longest of my life as I waited on the ward with our children in the empty space left by Sam’s hospital bed.” I really hoped that it wouldn’t signify that our future will be without her.

Mum-of-two Sam’s health has been steadily deteriorating in the months leading up to the 2019 family caravan vacation. She had chalked it up to overworking herself in preparation for the trip, but as her symptoms progressed from itching and weariness to the point where she was unable to stand, Warwick contacted a doctor who was on call beyond normal business hours.

He remembered that at this time Sam felt like he was in the worst possible condition. “She was beginning to feel weary and weak, and it had been more than twenty-four hours since she had used the restroom. “To our good fortune, our family physician recognized Sam’s symptoms and advised us to go to the emergency room as soon as possible with a possible case of sepsis”

Because of the infection, the immune system of the body goes into overdrive and begins attacking tissues and organs, which may be fatal and often results in the need for amputations. Every year, up to 250,000 people in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with sepsis; of them, 48,000 people lose their lives and 40% are left with life-altering impairments and symptoms.

When Sam arrived at the hospital, the physicians say that the scar on his back from his previous spinal surgery was “inflamed with fluid, red, and hot to the touch.” This caused the doctors to become worried about Sam’s condition.

The poisonous substance was discovered in several of the samples. An illness caused by the bacterium streptococcus and meningitis, and the medical staff warned Sam’s family that he “may die” if the condition was not treated very away.

Warwick provided the following explanation: “Our family gathered at her bedside; while we were hopeful, we were kind of saying farewell in case Sam would not survive.”

It’s so hard to see someone you love more than anything in the world fighting to stay alive… Doctors told me the infection had ravaged every cell in her body

Warwick Davis

Although the operation was a success, the medical staff informed Warwick that the hours that followed in critical care were “essential” for Sam as he was being pumped with powerful antibiotics. “It’s so difficult to see someone you care about more than anything else in the world battle to remain alive when they don’t even have the power to turn over in bed,” Warwick said.

“The doctors informed me that the illness had destroyed every cell in her body, causing crucial levels of vitamin and minerals to drop,”

Sam Pulled Through But It Was ‘Touch and Go’

Sam made it through the ordeal, but it was a narrow escape. She may have lost some of her fingers, toes, or perhaps limbs if her medical team hadn’t responded so fast. Thankfully, they did.

After he was released from the hospital, Warwick “played doctor” for Sam for the next three months, which included him putting medicines in vials, placing them in syringes, and slowly injecting them into Sam’s heart via a drip.

During this time, he sought advice from Dr. Ron Daniels of The UK Sepsis Trust on how he might help his wife recover as quickly as possible and found comfort in the words of encouragement he received.

Warwick freely stated, “I cried down every night thinking that this dreadful sickness that seemed to come out of nowhere may take my love away from me.”

I broke down every night thinking that this terrible illness that came out of nowhere might take my soulmate away from me

Warwick Davis

Even to this day, Sam is experiencing some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the ordeal she went through. To tell you the truth, I am guilty of the same thing. We try to make the most of every day by not taking life for granted and acting as if it were our last.

“I value and treasure each and every one of the times that Sam and I get to spend together.” A very uncommon type of hereditary dwarfism known as spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita was present in Warwick from birth.

Their two children, Annabelle, 25, and Harrison, 19, both have the same kind of dwarfism as their father, Sam, who was diagnosed with achondroplasia at the age of 51. Lloyd, the couple’s son, tragically passed away after just nine short days as a result of inheriting both of his parents’ diseases. In addition, the couple had a stillborn child whom they named George.

Raising Awareness

In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their partnership with the UK breakdown firm Green Flag, Warwick University recently collaborated with The UK Sepsis Trust. The actor recounts the harrowing tales of families, survivors, and suffering who have fought the fatal sickness in a series of films that are sure to give viewers the chills.

According to Ron Daniels, who works with The UK Sepsis Trust, “the key to saving lives from sepsis is in communication. It is in increasing awareness and giving people the ability to obtain treatment as early as possible.”

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“Thanks to the assistance of Green Flag, we are literally bringing to life the tales of the individuals we do all in our power to assist on a daily basis, and this is something that is absolutely remarkable.

“We want people to realize how sepsis can touch everyone and everyone, and with the support of Green Flag, we are able to shed a light on these folks and give them a voice that they have never had before.” — “We want people to understand how sepsis can influence anyone and everyone.”

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