Walmart Meat Thieves Arrested by Memphis Police

Five people were arrested late Thursday night after police say they stole meat and other things from the Walmart on Winchester.

The police said they also found meat from other stores in their car.

Lashonda Malone, James Johnson, Carissa Cash, and Mykel Boyce are charged with stealing about $200 from the Walmart in Southeast Memphis. Mykel Boyce, James Johnson, Lashonda Malone, and Carissa Cash.

Walmart Meat Thieves Arrested by Memphis Police
Walmart Meat Thieves Arrested by Memphis Police

A person who saw Johnson, Malone, and another woman hiding things, mostly meat, in their pants, told the police about it.

Officers said they followed the three people to a Chevy Malibu in the parking lot and saw that it was full of meat from the business. Police said that the Malibu also had unidentified meats from different stores.

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Boyce and Cash, two more shoplifters, were caught by the police while at the scene. They said the two were seen putting things they planned to steal from Walmart into a black duffle bag.

The police said that Malone and Johnson had stolen from stores before. So far, nothing has been said about the other woman with them.

The four people who were arrested will go before a judge on Monday.